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Looking for the Best Scrap Metal Company in the Toronto?

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, there’s no shortage of competition out there. If you’re searching on the Internet for the best scrap metal company in Toronto, everyone seems to be the best and everyone’s a leader. The important question to ask is what makes for a good scrap metal dealer.

Why do we think we’re the best scrap metal company in Toronto?

Trusted in the recycling business for over 20 years, Tal Metal Inc. is family-owned and operated. We trade primarily in non-ferrous metals, operating locally and globally with a wide distribution network. Always improving our operation, we have proprietary logistics that allow us to deliver efficient service and quick turnaround time. The team at Tal Metal comprises highly skilled metal recycling professionals – people who understand the business inside and out. Our reputation is based on three fundamentals:  a dedication to client needs; a commitment to excellent service; and an emphasis on honesty and trust. In short, we are the experts in scrap metal recycling.

What we do to keep at the leading edge of recycling?

At Tal Metal, we use advanced computer technology for procurement and distribution – it allows us to be superior-efficient, particularly when servicing clients. Our metals inventory is organized and catalogued in a secure facility that ensures everything is well protected and well maintained.

On site, we employ the latest equipment and machines to guarantee high quality product and a high standard of environmental awareness. Tal Metal is known for its high-tech global network that allows for exposure to the regional and international marketplace. We’re aware of current market dynamics, sensitive to future trends, and always attending to our customers’ needs.

We care about all our workers and the environment

Our corporate policy at Tal Metal is to provide a safe and secure facility where employees and customers are safeguarded from accident and injury. We are committed to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and subscribe to industry regulations specific to our business sector. As a company, we consider ourselves as good corporate citizens. Our mission going forward is “green” – we do our best to lessen pollution; we try to reduce waste; and we make every effort to save on energy. By creating a safer workspace for employees, we’ve managed to establish a proud history of accident-free and injury-free days. Our company takes every day one safe step at a time.

Why choose Tal Metal as your scrap metal dealer?

While we realize that every customer has priorities and prerequisites, we do consider ourselves to be the best scrap metal company around. Our operations are on a regional and national scale, and we interact with international markets to keep well “ahead of the curve”. But our primary focus is our customer base. We want to provide service reliability and the best logistics possible. Our aim is to build long lasting business relationships by addressing and fulfilling our customers’ needs.

To learn more about Tal Metal Inc., visit the company’s website at or call one of the recycling experts at 905-660-7081. Find out about service, distribution, and even pricing.

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Where Do Metals Go After The Recycling Process?

While the recycling industry churns away, and more scrap metal gets recycled every year, there’s much that happens once the recycled metal is ready to be used again. The fact is, old vehicles, old appliances, and industrial waste all contribute to new sources of recycled metal. These materials are practically as good as virgin metal because none of the physical properties are compromised in the recycling process. The good news is that world demand for recycled metal is ever growing.

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