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How to Teach Children About Metal Recycling

Simply from an eco-conscious perspective, metal recycling has implications for the whole family. And if it’s to be a family effort, it will naturally include the kids. Whatever the motivation behind recycling, parents should definitely pass on the commitment to their kids. Educating kids about metal recycling is just good education – there’s the idea of reducing garbage; there’s a personal sense of protecting the environment; and there’s a long-term vision for keeping the water and air clean. Overall, it’s a sense of responsibility that will set the stage for the next generation. Continue reading

Recycling Computers, Laptops, and Computer Parts. It’s Become More Important Today Than Ever!

To appreciate the importance of computer recycling, it’s important to understand the prevalence of computer usage throughout the world. In North America, it’s estimated that more than 75% of homes have at least one computer. Even more impressive is the fact that the majority of homes have more than one computer. Beyond this, statistics are showing that people are buying an incredible number of new computers every year. All things considered, there is a huge volume of computers, laptops, and computer accessories that are being disposed each year. Continue reading

The Life of an Aluminum Can

Comparable to a human life, aluminum can undergo a full-cycle of their own life story ─ eventually going back to where they came from before getting reborn and reused. Aluminum is a flexible metal and is one of the most recyclable material in the world; aluminum could be recycled and reused within 60 days. Aluminum cans are one of aluminum’s main usages, as they are used to hold various types of beverages worldwide. Since recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy than manufacturing new aluminum ores, recycling aluminum cans is an extremely important procedure. This article will breakdown the journey that aluminum can goes through from formation, to the end of its lifetime. Continue reading

The History of Metal Recycling

Global warming and environmental issues no longer seem like distant problems. They are now real, and undeniably affecting the world we live in today. Nowadays, recycling is recognized as one of the key ways to salvage our beloved planet before it is too late. The good news is that because of the ever-innovating  technology becoming available, the notion of sorting, reprocessing, and reusing our waste is becoming more convenient and profitable than it ever has before. Nonetheless, recycling, especially metal recycling, used to be unheard of, let alone practiced due to the lack of electricity, technology, and proper techniques. It is worth investigating the history of metal recycling to measure how far our recycling techniques have progressed. Continue reading

Recycling Electronic Devices

As we all try to put our best foot forward to become “greener” cities, “greener” countries, and a “greener” global community, we’re constantly learning new ways to help protect and restore our planet. From reducing our use of water with innovative technologies, reusing water bottles, to recycling electronic devices, there are many things that we can do as a society that will benefit our planet today and tomorrow. In addition to helping the environment, there are other incentives to recycle, especially for recyclable metals. Electronic devices are mostly made of metal, such as copper, zinc, platinum and more. But did you know that you can recycle electronic devices for a cash value?

For example, even though cell phones can fit in the palm of your hand, they contain some of the highest concentrates of copper or zinc, giving you the opportunity to recycle your cell phones with a company like ours, for a cash value. Other devices, like computers, televisions, microwaves and household appliances can have the potential to be of great value to you, even after you are finished with them. You can continue to get value from your electronic devices even if you thought they were broken, useless, or out of date. Continue reading

Which Metal Items Cannot be Recycled

We all know about common things we should recycle – paper, plastics, compost… we know. Although it’s important to know what we should be recycling, it’s also important to know the items that cannot be recycled. We always want to make our service as convenient as possible, which is why we want to ensure that the metals you bring to us are able to be recycled. Continue reading

Common Mistakes You Can Make When Scrapping Metal

Now that the spring season has started, we’ve likely done some spring cleaning around the home, and even at work. You may have donated old clothing, canned foods, or small things around the home you have no need for anymore. But have you ever thought of getting rid of other items, such as metals, wires or even electronics for money? At Tal Metal, we are committed to “going green”, and provide our recyclers with competitive rates for their recycled metals. It’s part of our job to help the environment, by making it even more convenient for people to recycle and take part in sustainability endeavors. Here are our top three tips to make sure you don’t make any common mistakes when recycling scrap metal. Continue reading

The Process of Recycling Aluminum

Demand for aluminum products is ever growing. It’s primarily because aluminum products are so versatile. And while aluminum remains one of the most widely used metals, traditional aluminum cans remain the most recycled item worldwide. Aluminum is used in practically every aspect of transportation; in food and product packaging; in power transmission wires; and in every facet of construction. But what really matters with aluminum is the excellent potential for recycling, the high waste and scrap value, and its low energy requirement during the recycling process. Continue reading

What Can Be Recycled? Common Items That Can Make You Money

Think of all the items you have in your home that you don’t use anymore. Toasters, refrigerators, batteries, various electronics and more. We bet you didn’t know you could recycle those items and potentially make some money off of them! We often throw out overused or even unused items without thinking first, we can recycle these, and second, we can make money from recycling these. At Tal Metal Inc., we know the difference between items that you can just recycle to items that you can recycle for money. Here are some of the most common household items that you can recycle for money at Tal Metal’s. Continue reading

Finding a Scrap Metal Dealer in Toronto

Tal Metal removes and recycles virtually every type of scrap metal in Toronto. Our expert teams remove ferrous/non-ferrous metals for residential, commercial and industrial customers. All materials are handled responsibly, and according to bi-laws. And our “green” approach benefits everyone – our company, our customers, and the environment. Continue reading