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How Steel and Aluminum Tariffs will Affect Canada and the US

Here’s the question. Do you really understand all of the chatter around Canadian and American steel and aluminum tariffs? Do you know which industries are going to be affected? Do you know how the average consumer will be affected? Chances are, except for the huge headlines, most of us have little or no understanding about the ramifications. Truth is, we really just need the basics.

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Scrap Copper Prices

Scrap copper is valuable – not like gold or silver – but it’s in demand and accessible – so it’s valuable.  So much so, that people are stealing it and selling it.  The truth is, high scrap copper prices actually make “legal” collection quite viable, without the need to steal.  In fact, the daily price-per-pound of copper can make for profitable collection activities, even for the small operator.  Today, the recycling of scrap copper is like a miniature economy of its own.   Continue reading