Scrap Metal in Mississauga

The greatest potential for financial payoff in scrap collection is scrap metal that is in high demand. For those collecting scrap metal as a business (or part-time business) high demand scrap will deliver the best prices. Copper, aluminum, and iron are the most common scrap metals, and are usually in demand by dealers. But it’s very important for the collector to keep a close eye on metal pricing, and to always be on top of the trends. For scrap metal in Mississauga, local yards like Tal Metal Recycling will pay the best price for scrap metal that is cleaned, separated and sorted.

Scrap dealers like Tal Metal Recycling do it all under one roof: they buy scrap metal of all types; they do some processing, depending on the quality of the material; and they routinely offer competitive prices, based on current market fluctuations. The truth is, the Internet is an excellent information source for scrap metal prices, and the more a collector knows, the better. It’s absolutely critical to know which scrap metal is in demand, and what the various dealers are paying. Indeed, making good money with scrap metal is wholly dependent on selling at the highest price.

For example, non-ferrous metals (non-magnetic metals) are generally worth more than the ferrous metals – they should be the primary focus for the scrap metal collector. However, beyond the scrap value and the selling price, other factors are also important: the quantity of scrap metal collected; timely and reliable delivery to the dealer; and long-term supply potential. It means that the serious collector must be fully committed to the fundamentals: always finding new sources of scrap metal; sorting and separating scrap for quality control; and ensuring reliable supply for the dealer.

The good news for collectors is that scrap metal is readily available. Old, white appliances, such as washers and dryers, are particularly valuable – they contain sheet metal, but they also have copper wiring inside the motor – and copper is the most valuable of all metals. Another source of scrap metal is automobile scrap, which contains valuable amounts of steel, aluminum, and copper. Once again, it’s more profitable for the collector to sort and separate everything properly in order to get the best price. The more work for the dealer, the lower the price.

For scrap metal in Mississauga, Tal Metal Recycling provides a wide range of services: we receive and collect metals of all kinds; we manage and process those metals; and we recycle and distribute throughout the region. All things considered, metal recycling is very much a “supply and demand” business for everyone concerned, and for the most part, it’s a “bottom line” endeavor. But the other benefits of recycling are also important: many tons of scrap metal is redirected from landfill; mining of virgin ores is reduced; and overall, air and water pollution are diminished.

At the end of the day, for scrap collectors in Mississauga and throughout the Region of Peel, it’s all about collecting, sorting and selling at the best possible price.