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Consider the Global Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

In today’s environmentally sensitive world, recycling has become a buzzword across all industries. Scrap metal recycling has been booming in recent years as the business has created more benefits for consumers and businesses who want to recover and recycle scrap metal. Even recycling the smallest amount in a household environment has positive contributions across many categories.

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How to Teach Children About Metal Recycling

Simply from an eco-conscious perspective, metal recycling has implications for the whole family. And if it’s to be a family effort, it will naturally include the kids. Whatever the motivation behind recycling, parents should definitely pass on the commitment to their kids. Educating kids about metal recycling is just good education – there’s the idea of reducing garbage; there’s a personal sense of protecting the environment; and there’s a long-term vision for keeping the water and air clean. Overall, it’s a sense of responsibility that will set the stage for the next generation. Continue reading

Recycling Computers, Laptops, and Computer Parts. It’s Become More Important Today Than Ever!

To appreciate the importance of computer recycling, it’s important to understand the prevalence of computer usage throughout the world. In North America, it’s estimated that more than 75% of homes have at least one computer. Even more impressive is the fact that the majority of homes have more than one computer. Beyond this, statistics are showing that people are buying an incredible number of new computers every year. All things considered, there is a huge volume of computers, laptops, and computer accessories that are being disposed each year. Continue reading

Recycling Electronic Devices

As we all try to put our best foot forward to become “greener” cities, “greener” countries, and a “greener” global community, we’re constantly learning new ways to help protect and restore our planet. From reducing our use of water with innovative technologies, reusing water bottles, to recycling electronic devices, there are many things that we can do as a society that will benefit our planet today and tomorrow. In addition to helping the environment, there are other incentives to recycle, especially for recyclable metals. Electronic devices are mostly made of metal, such as copper, zinc, platinum and more. But did you know that you can recycle electronic devices for a cash value?

For example, even though cell phones can fit in the palm of your hand, they contain some of the highest concentrates of copper or zinc, giving you the opportunity to recycle your cell phones with a company like ours, for a cash value. Other devices, like computers, televisions, microwaves and household appliances can have the potential to be of great value to you, even after you are finished with them. You can continue to get value from your electronic devices even if you thought they were broken, useless, or out of date. Continue reading

Scrap Metal Processing

Whether it’s our home, our businesses or in industry, we’re constantly creating huge amounts of waste metal, all of which should be recycled.  Scrap metal processing begins with the collection of waste material in a way that reflects the amount and purity of the scrap itself.  Depending on the nature of materials collected, a number of steps are necessary as the actual scrap metal processing proceeds – sorting, compacting, crushing, and cutting.  Large chunks of metal, from automobiles and other vehicles, require methods to reduce their size before being sorted, cleaned and reused.  Scrap that is small, or even tiny, must be compacted, then melted, and then remanufactured. Continue reading

Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum recycling is the perfect storm of the recycling world – primarily because the processing and refining is far less expensive and less energy intensive than the mining, extracting and processing of NEW aluminum. Recycling and reuse of scrap aluminum makes sense – industry statistics note that scrap aluminum requires 5% of the energy that is used to make new aluminum.  It’s no wonder that more than one third of aluminum produced in the USA alone, comes from aluminum recycling. Continue reading