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Aluminum Recycling in Brampton

Anyone who knows anything about aluminum recycling knows that it’s the most recyclable metal of all metals.  There is no limitation on the number of times that aluminum can be recycled.  And more importantly, the metal doesn’t lose its inherent qualities after repeated recycling.  Throughout the recycled metals industry, aluminum is routinely considered to be substantially more valuable than any of the other recycled metals and materials. Continue reading

Aluminum Recycling in Toronto

Whether we’re talking about aluminum recycling in Toronto, or anywhere else in around the world, it’s universally agreed that aluminum is the most recyclable material on earth.  The number of times that aluminum can be recycled is infinite, and time after time, it keeps its original integrity, and all of its unique attributes.  The metals industry, and that includes the recycling industry, sees aluminum as more valuable than any of the recycled metals. Continue reading