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The Future Of Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal can be found all over the place, and collecting scrap metal for sale is a great way to make secondary income in your spare time. It’s an opportunistic pursuit, and there is no shortage of scrap metal to be found. Scrap metal prices are affected by a variety of factors, including local supply, location of the scrap metal recycler, foreign markets, and the price that the metal in question is currently being traded at. The purpose of this article is to expand more on these factors to help prospective scrap metal harvesters predict how the scrap metal market and scrap metal prices in general will fluctuate in the future. Continue reading

How much can I get for scrap metal these days?

There is a new currency running through the asphalt jungles and it’s the oldest type of currency on Earth – metal!

Alternative ways of making money, such as scrap metal, are constantly springing forth due to modern economical circumstances, as well as employment boundaries and personal situations, pushing man in his evolutionary path, in adopting more ways of acquiring money and residual income. Continue reading

Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal prices around the world fluctuate on a daily basis. This applies to the giant international conglomerates in the very same way that it applies to the scrap metal collector in small town Ontario.  It works this way because scrap metal, much like virgin ore, is considered to be a commodity, and commodity prices vary according to the dynamics of “supply and demand”.  In short, whatever we see in market activity on a global scale, it all eventually filters down to the local level. Continue reading