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Aluminum Recycling in Toronto

The numbers are fascinating – the results are impressive!

Make a mental note:  aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials on earth.  There is no limit to the number of times aluminum can be recycled – and it always keeps its original attributes. For a variety of reasons, the metals industry considers aluminum to be 4 times more valuable than other recycled materials. The fact is, 100% of recycled aluminum cans end up as “new” aluminum cans - a process than can take as little as 60 days.

Aluminum recycling in Toronto, and across the nation, benefits the environment in so many ways.  But it’s appalling to think that millions and millions of aluminum cans still arrive at the landfill, or are left for litter, or are incinerated.  Throwing an empty aluminum can into a recycle bin, or collecting office waste is simple and easy, and the results can be significant.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth.  Resilient and sustainable, it is truly a remarkable metal – industry stats tell us that 2/3 of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today!  And when producing new aluminum cans from used cans, it takes 95% less energy than using virgin metal.  Today, we can produce 20 recycled cans with the same energy required to produce one can with virgin ore.  Not only that – when recycled, aluminum can be re-manufactured into a myriad of different products.

The numbers are fascinating, and aluminum recycling in Toronto is just part of the process.  To recycle one aluminum can, it actually saves enough energy to keep a 100-watt lamp burning for some 4 hours.Twenty years ago, it took 19 cans to create a pound of aluminum.  Today, with new technologies, it takes 29 cans – translating into less wasted aluminum and better energy usage.

However, even with the extensive efforts of aluminum recycling in Toronto, millions of tons of aluminum are still thrown away each year – containers; packaging; cans; dinner trays, and foil.  In North America last year, the billions and billions of aluminum cans that were landfilled (and not collected for recycling) could have had a scrap value of more than half a billion dollars.

Aluminum recycling in Toronto satisfies not only local demand, but also the growing national and international demand.  Collecting and sorting; processing and handling; distribution and shipping - its all part of the overall process.  And the “magic” of aluminum recycling keeps the flow going – with an abundance of waste material to collect, plenty of market demand for the raw waste, and a richness of opportunities to produce and manufacture brand new aluminum.

For the average homeowner, aluminum recycling in Toronto is associated with the regular weekly collection and dissemination of domestic waste.  But on a much grander scale, it’s the industries and manufacturers that keep worldwide operations fueled.

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