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Bin Rentals

Whatever your particular business, Tal Metal Inc. has a recycle bin to match your metal recycling needs.  You might be generating industrial waste, or somehow involved with construction debris – whatever the case, we have the bin you’ll need, and with the capacity you require (up to 40 cubic yards).  Commercial or residential, you can rely on Tal Metal Inc. for pickup, delivery, and competitive pricing.

We can offer a wide range of bins, depending on your need, and if you’re not sure about specific capacity, we can help you figure out exactly what size of bin would be suitable.  For example, a 14-yard bin measures 12’ x 7’ x 4’, while a 30-yard bin measures 18’ x 7’ x 6’, and in either scenario it’s important to consider both volume and weight.  In general, a 14-yard bin is best for contractors and renovators.

At Tal Metal Inc., we are always at your service, and we’re able to put together a schedule for drop-off and pick-up based on your timetable.  Bins are available for defined periods of time, and pricing will reflect the time used, as well as drop-off and pick-up.  Our bins are clean, easy to open/close, and are considered “driveway friendly”for easy pickup and delivery (without leaving any damage).

In terms of contents, Tal Metal Inc. will provide a list of things that CAN GO into a bin and things that CANNOT.  Hazardous materials CANNOT GO into our bins.  We will also explain any weight limitations, and we’ll show you where the maximum “load height” level is located.  Our drivers are professional and experienced, and are ready to answer any outstanding questions that may arise.

Tal Metal Inc. can handle practically anything when it comes to the collection of metals for recycling.  If you are involved in building or construction, one of our larger bins would be ideal for waste metal.  If you are an independent contractor, or even a homeowner, one of our medium size bins would be perfect.  And the process is simple – we deliver, you fill, we pickup.

We supply self-dumping hoppers as well.  They are designed to streamline collection efforts and make the separating of waste more efficient.  Hoppers make for easier collection, and consequently, less labor and less cost.  Tal Metal provides quality made hoppers, specific to your collection needs, and always at a competitive price.  You can always be sure of our responsible disposal processes.

At Tal Metal Inc., we have been doing business for nearly 20 years.  We are a well-established firm, respected, and still family-owned after so many years.  As our customer, you will be on the receiving end of excellent customer service.  We are dedicated to every one of our clients; we are committed to the highest standard of service; and we make sure to maintain an honest and trustworthy operation.

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