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Metal Recycling in Toronto

An abundance of waste – and ample demand for the raw material.

Worldwide, over 400 million tons of metal is recycled annually.  It’s a business model that works, and satisfies every link in the chain.  Naturally, that includes the Canadian marketplace, including metal recycling in Toronto.  The recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap provides vital stockpiles of secondary raw materials that will be used for the smelting of new metals.  Technically, virtually all metal can be recycled, and in most cases, into high quality new metal.

Whether we’re talking about steel or copper, metal recycling benefits the environment, and creates cost benefits, not the least of which is saving energy.  By using recycled raw materials, industries use less natural resources and less water, while they reduce CO2 emissions and substantially lessen water pollution. Metal recycling in Toronto, across Canada, and worldwide, is an industry unto itself - and with the kind of international market growth in places like China and India, the potential for export is ever growing.

The best news overall, is that recycled metals have achieved significant economic value, with scrap metals being very much in demand, and with less and less waste being sent to landfill.  The waste has just become more valuable than ever.  Today, many industrialized nations are actually producing more recycled scrap than they need domestically.  Worldwide markets for ferrous scrap is forecasted for continued steady growth, creating excellent export opportunities for the Canadian recycling industry in general, and specifically for metal recycling in Toronto.

More importantly, metal recycling also contributes in a meaningful way to the reduction of waste through the recovery of “end of life” products like automobile metal, household appliances, and the like.  And as an industry, metal recyclers are leading the way in the development of new methodologies to separate, process and recycle all kinds of metal-related materials.

Metal recycling in Toronto is an integral part of a “pyramid” industry that incorporates everyone from small (family-owned) businesses, to mega-recyclers that operate on a global scale.  Depending on size, operators carry out a variety of specialized functions, with the smaller firms “feeding” the larger firms in a process that can be quite involved - from collecting, weighing, and sorting, to distribution and shipping.  Along the way, every operator provides a specific expertise, whether it’s reducing the size of large metal pieces, compacting the material for easier handling and transportation, or separating metals with magnets, mechanical sorting or chemical processes.

Feeding the demand for metal recycling in Toronto is not at issue.  The average householder provides varying quantities of domestic waste metal; contractors, plumbers, and electricians also provide scrap metal; and finally, the manufacturing and processing industries, who supply large quantities of waste, scrap and surplus metal of all kinds.

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