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Scrap Metal Recycling in Toronto

Protecting the environment while reducing energy consumption.

Scrap metal recycling in Toronto, and throughout most of the industrialized world, is recognized as one of the first truly “green industries.”  This is a win-win industry at every stage, and clearly a business model that works at all levels.  And the benefits to the environment are significant:  conserving virgin deposits of ore; reducing exhausts, pollution and emissions; reducing energy consumption; and, of course, ensuring steady supplies of raw material worldwide.

As a commodity, scrap metal is all-inclusive, ranging from domestic household waste, to automotive steel, to aluminum appliances – raw scrap metal that is in high demand across the globe.  Countries in need are willing to pay top dollar for the raw metal that other nations consider scrap, and scrap metal recycling in Toronto is one of the first stages in the process.  In fact, scrap steel by itself, is among the top recyclable materials exported every year.

On a local community basis, scrap metal recycling in Toronto offers residential homeowners and smaller businesses the opportunity to reduce waste, while ensuring that none of the scrap goes to the landfill.  On a bigger, industrial scale, and with vast amounts of metal being collected, the benefits of scrap metal recycling go beyond the avoidance of mining and excavating:  the environment is protected; energy is conserved; and various sectors of the economy are stimulated.

Worldwide statistics vary, with regard to the amounts of ferrous and non-ferrous materials that are disposed, and how much of that total disposal is actually recycled.  But general trends show recovery rates of about one third, which on their own contribute to the conservation of virgin resources, and the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions.

Scrap metal recycling in Toronto, an integral part of the nation’s recycling industry, contributes to the huge amounts of materials being recycled – all this, with significantlyless energy being used than the mining and processing of virgin metals.  And with ferrous and non-ferrous metals contributing to high recovery rates, it’s the non-ferrous group that makes the biggest impression, mainly because of the 99% recovery rate of lead in batteries.

Locally, there are numerous sources of waste that scrap metal recycling in Toronto can rely on. From the manufacturing sector, for instance, scrap is purchased as discarded material, after the production of products using steel.  In addition, post-consumer steel is also a viable source of recoverable metal, and includes household appliances, automobiles and debris from demolition sites.

The businesses that comprise scrap metal recycling in Toronto are involved in the full extent of the process - from the systematic collection, to the sorting, separating, and cleaning.  Indeed, the more enhanced and fine-tuned each step, the more profitable the recycled material.  After all, there is a bottom line at every stage, and an economic payoff for every partner.

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