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Non-Ferrous Metal – Workplace Safety and The Environment

It’s our corporate policy at Tal Metal Inc. to provide a safe, secure and protected industrial facility  - we want an environment where employees, customers, and suppliers are safeguarded from accidental and/or occupational injury.  As well, we believe that our operations should be carried out in a way that protects the health and well-being of everyone who enters our facility. Tal Metal is fully committed to the pre-requisites as prescribed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the rules and regulations that are specifically applicable to our industry.

The metal industry, as a whole, is continuously expanding, and with this expansion comes a concern for safety. And besides providing a safe environment for everyone, we also want to abide by OSHA’s regulatory framework and continue to do business as a good corporate citizen. 

Tal Metal also takes industry specifications very seriously.  For example, under the category of non-ferrous metals, there are countless industry specifications and classifications that we must abide by.  These are generally designed to limit content levels of metal impurities and to curb levels of hazardous materials and substances.  In addition, we subscribe to various guidelines for buying and selling non-ferrous metals as a commodity, and we meet the quality requirements for the various grades of non-ferrous metals.

Because the non-ferrous business has a number of steps at play during the various stages of the segregation process, caution and care are taken at all times. Whether we’re loading or unloading stockpiles of non-ferrous metal; or separating – it all requires our full attention to safety, and clearly our employees always use the appropriate protective equipment from head to toe.

Providing a safe operating environment for clients, customers and suppliers is also a priority for Tal Metal. We are cognizant of our responsibility to everyone who enters our facility – from truck drivers to plumbing contractors, to construction contractors, not to mention our own staff and employees. In other words, anyone who enters our facility is provided with the precautions that ensure a safe experience.

The fact is, we take great pride in our long history of accident and injury-free days,  taking each new day, one safe step at a time!

As for the environment, the basics are straightforward. Metal, including non-ferrous metals, dramatically reduces the need for virgin ore mining. And with that comes additional benefits to the natural environment - natural habitats are preserved and the land remains unspoiled. In addition, the production of metals uses less water and less energy, all of which reduce manufacturing costs for everyone down the line.

In essence, the metals industry is an environmentally friendly sector, for the most part. There is much more to do, and many more improvements to implement, but the benefits are far-reaching for all involved. For Tal Metal Inc., and for the industry in general, it happens to be good business!

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