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Aluminum - the most recyclable material on earth 

When we recycle aluminum products, there’s no limit to how many times this resource can be remanufactured. The best thing about aluminum is that it always maintains its original material attributes – no matter how many times it’s recycled. While aluminum recycling benefits the environment, it’s surprising how many tons of aluminum still ends up in landfill. As a resource, aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth. Its resilient and sustainable – really an amazing metal.

Producing new aluminum products from aluminum waste takes considerably less energy when compared to using virgin metal. In fact, it’s possible to produce 20 recycled aluminum cans with the same energy as it takes one can from virgin ore. Today, even with widespread efforts to promote aluminum recycling, too much aluminum is still thrown away – everything from food containers; to beverage cans; to outdoor furniture. Material not collected for recycling was in billions of dollars.

In Toronto, homeowners generally associate aluminum recycling with regular weekly collection in blue plastic bags (or recycling bins). But for serious waste metal collectors, there’s good money to be made – especially with large volumes of waste.

Aluminum waste is all around us

Whether you’re a typical homeowner, or a serious collector, aluminum recycling has a host of benefits. At Tal Metal, our waste recycling services include both residential and commercial.

Automobile Parts

Auto parts are loaded with aluminum and “end of life” vehicles can be a huge source of waste aluminum. These auto parts are valuable – they can be mechanically separated and recycled

Building Materials

The construction industry is a large consumer of aluminum and therefore a large source of waste. From roofing, to windows, to doorframes, all the waste aluminum can be salvaged and recycled.

Electronic Products

Electronic appliances and products are a huge source of aluminum. The list is endless – fridges and stoves; washing machines and dryers; computers and cell phones; televisions and stereos.

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Wiring and Cables

Waste wiring and cables create millions of tons of scrap metal. Some of this material will contain aluminum as a primary conducting metal – very valuable when recycled and remanufactured.  

Packaging Material

Aluminum packaging is a major contributor to waste. From product packaging to canned goods, this type of waste usually has a high collection rate, especially beer cans and soft drink cans.

Tal Metal provides services throughout the Greater Toronto Area 

For customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Tal Metal offers a FREE service for scrap metal pickup. We’ll explain which metal is most valuable and which metal is currently in demand. Our services are available to residential and commercial customers.

Tal Metal specializes in non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass. We offer competitive prices for scrap metal - depending on the volume and quality. For residential customers, even scrap metal around the house can be worth money.

Find out more by calling one of our recycling specialists at 905-660-7081 or visit our company website at https://www.talmetal.ca.


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Why Choose Tal Metal?

We are truly Canadian company, our operations are both national and local. We buy and sell on a national scale, interacting with existing clients and consumers using an advanced and innovative online network.

Our prime consideration is always our customer - we want to provide a high level of reliability; a commitment to service; and superior distribution options. Our principal objective is to build solid relationships with our customers for the long term - we address their requirements and fulfill their needs.

We are also environmentally conscious, and are currently making every effort to support the environment by “Going Green”. Recycling scrap metal is beneficial for the environment & reduces overall metal waste.


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