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When you need scrap iron recycling in Mississauga and Brampton, the first choice is the best one at Tal Metal. Before you can consign your scrap iron recycling in Mississauga and Brampton to us, we need to provide an education of sorts so you understand the scrap iron business. What it comes down to, is ferrous, and non-ferrous metals – ferrous is a reference to metal that contains some amount of iron. Generally, it is magnetic and will contain iron and steel in some form. Non-ferrous metals contain no iron, can be alloy-based, like aluminum or copper. The distinction is important when you have scrap metal to dispose of and the value of the metal is dependent on the designation – ferrous or non-ferrous. The advantages for your business when you are disposing of unwanted metal could be a gold mine. First, you get paid for the metal – it is recycled and can be used for automobiles. Over 65-per cent of all automobiles on the road are made with recycled metal. Recycled metal costs less, and it is critical for the environment that we reduce mining activities in the hunt for iron ore. The process for creating the metals can be harmful to the environment. 

Helping the environment by recycling scrap iron

We hear a lot about sustainability today; it is part of the renew, reuse, recycle mantra to help protect the environment. The scrap metal business is a multi-billion dollar a year business and the best part of scrap metal is it can be recycled 100’s of times without losing any structural integrity in the make-up of the materials used. The process of recycling works like this: small scrap collectors bring in their scrap to local scrap dealers – once there, it is sorted and shredded. Once it has been shredded, it is purified for re-use. The economic activity that scrap iron creates fuels sustainability within the local economy. That bale of copper wire could be worth $100’s of dollars, the tin cans that go in recycling bins, again a good reward when you have enough of them. If you look around, everyday items that you take for granted can be what drives the sustainability campaign and you can feel good about yourself when you know your environmental responsibilities has been fulfilled when you scrap your unused or unneeded metals. 

Scrap iron recycling in Mississauga and Brampton

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What you need to know about recycling scrap iron  in Mississauga and Brampton, 

When you look at your shop you see many things that can be sent out for recycling – generally, it is something that is made of metal. But, residential recycling is a challenge for many homeowners and recycling operators alike. If you have home appliances to remove from your home, we want to counsel you about what we can accept for scrap iron recycling in Mississauga and Brampton. If you have a washing machine, you need to take it apart – the concrete block isn't metal and we don’t need it. If you want to bring old appliances, concentrate on the parts – the plastic liners in refrigerators aren’t for us to recycle. If you can meet the criteria of our policies for recycling, you can cash in on the assets that have been gathering dust in your factory, commercial business or your home.

For fast turnaround for scrap iron recycling in Mississauga and Brampton, reach out to us at Tal Metal to take the materials off your hands. If you have any questions regarding what you can bring to our facility or want to book a time to bring your recyclables to our facility call us today at Tal Metal at 905.660.7081 for more information.

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Why Choose Tal Metal?

We are truly Canadian company, our operations are both national and local. We buy and sell on a national scale, interacting with existing clients and consumers using an advanced and innovative online network.

Our prime consideration is always our customer - we want to provide a high level of reliability; a commitment to service; and superior distribution options. Our principal objective is to build solid relationships with our customers for the long term - we address their requirements and fulfill their needs.

We are also environmentally conscious, and are currently making every effort to support the environment by “Going Green”. Recycling scrap metal is beneficial for the environment & reduces overall metal waste.


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