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The scrap copper market around the world is very much influenced by the market dynamics of the conventional commodities markets - with the effects of supply and demand dictating the ups and downs of pricing. Depending on global conditions, market watchers are always forecasting trends, and evaluating increases and decreases in supplies from copper mines around the world. But behind the scenes, there are additional “deposits” of copper that aren’t showing up on the stock market – these are so-called “deposits” of scrap copper.

In Vaughan, Ontario, and throughout the suburbs of York Region, scrap metal dealers like Tal Metal provide top dollar for scrap copper, based on the various fluctuations of the market. A trusted name in metal recycling, Tal Metal is a leading recycler of scrap in the region, with a reputation for offering the best prices.

Traditionally, scrap copper comes from such sources as discarded copper wiring and copper tubing - everything from old air conditioning units, to cars, to building materials. In addition, and in large supply, are copper “off-cuts” which come directly from factories and manufacturing facilities. It all contributes to the “hidden deposits” of scrap copper.

Industry statistics show that about one third of the world’s copper consumption is from scrap. And when demand for copper starts to exceed the supply (mostly from copper ore) then higher prices for both virgin copper and scrap copper abound. Naturally, the opposite equation applies when demand diminishes. By example, scrap copper supplies tend to drop in volume when the manufacturing sector is sluggish – it’s because fewer goods are produced, fewer “off-cuts” are created, and in general, there is less waste. Furthermore, slower economic growth around the world results in fewer people scrapping air conditioners, cars and other copper-laden products. And when you consider that China itself needs 60% of the world’s copper scrap just for its own smelting industry, it’s easy to see how the dynamics of the marketplace can affect us in Vaughan, and the communities of York Region.

Interestingly, production problems at various copper mines around the globe also have the potential to cause havoc in the market. Production shutdowns, accidents, and other disruptions have a way of causing copper inventories to fluctuate, causing additional uncertainties in the market, and creating price variations as a result. Whether its suppliers, consumers or traders, all are affected and all respond and react in their own way. Although supply and demand dynamics can also bring the copper market into relative balance, there are industry experts who believe that the scrap copper segment of the market often acts as a stabilizing force amidst all the fluctuations. It seems that there is continuity for the recycling of copper cables, copper wiring and copper tubing. But apart from global influences and commodity directed market forces, copper is still number one in metals recycling, and quality is always a primary consideration. Pricing will always be based on the grade of scrap material – on the purity, on the condition of the scrap, and on various other factors affecting the copper content.


Copper is a very valuable metal and can be easily found in every home or business. At Tal Metal, we offer you an excellent price for the copper in good conditions. 

You can find it in:

The reason we love recycling this metal is because when you do it, the copper mining and refining is significantly reduced, which is very beneficial for the environment in terms of contamination reduction.

When you recycle copper, the energy used in this process is much less than when the copper is processed in its original state. Also, the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment is reduced too.

This way, you can contribute to the environment and reduce the energy wasted in the process of refining copper, at the same time that you earn money for recycling.

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Tal Metal offers the best prices of scrap wire in this market, which is why you should trust in our service to recycle your metals in the surroundings of Vaughan.

Scrap metal recycling is very important because approximately ⅓ of the world’s copper consumption comes from scrap recycling, including of course scrap wire.

In the market, the scrap wire pricing is heavily influenced by the supply and demand fluctuations. But, it has been shown that the scrap wire recycling can add stability to an unstable market because the supply is fulfilled by recycling scrap metals.


Being the lead industry in this field, we offer free scrap metal pick up in the areas of Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area. 

This service is available for both industrial and commercial customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company looking to recycle or if you’re cleaning your home, we provide this free pick up for your scrap wires.

That way, Tal Metal makes sure that everyone who wants and can recycle, can accomplish the task smoothly by picking it up at no extra charge.


The pricing of these metals varies according to the fluctuations of the market in terms of supply and demand. In Tel Market, we offer you the best prices according to these fluctuations. 

Essentially, brass it’s made from copper and zinc, depending on the proportions of the composition it can be used in many different applications. 

When it’s properly processed, brass can be used to fabricate sheets, strips or wire. Brass is commonly used for decorative purposes because it resembles gold. It can also be recycled into vehicle radiators, dishwasher fittings, and electrical fixtures.

On the other hand, recycled copper can be used just as virgin copper to fabricate everything from electrical applications to electrical wires. 

Recycled copper can only be used for this purpose if it’s pure, in the case that it has some impurities we can also use it to produce plumbing, roofing, and other industrial materials.

Besides the pricing of these metals, it is very beneficial to recycle them because you can help the environment. You produce less waste in landfills, less energy is used in the process of refining the metal, less CO2 is released into the air, and the mining is reduced.

Tal Metal


Why Choose Tal Metal?

We are truly Canadian company, our operations are both national and local. We buy and sell on a national scale, interacting with existing clients and consumers using an advanced and innovative online network.

Our prime consideration is always our customer - we want to provide a high level of reliability; a commitment to service; and superior distribution options. Our principal objective is to build solid relationships with our customers for the long term - we address their requirements and fulfill their needs.

We are also environmentally conscious, and are currently making every effort to support the environment by “Going Green”. Recycling scrap metal is beneficial for the environment & reduces overall metal waste.


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