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Aluminum Recycling in Toronto

Posted on 15 August 2014

Whether we’re talking about aluminum recycling in Toronto, or anywhere else in around the world, it’s universally agreed that aluminum is the most recyclable material on earth.  The number of times that aluminum can be recycled is infinite, and time after time, it keeps its original integrity, and all of its unique attributes.  The metals industry, and that includes the recycling industry, sees aluminum as more valuable than any of the recycled metals.

It’s known that aluminum is the most abundant metal on our earth.  It’s truly a miracle metal, and the industry statistics show that some 65% of all aluminum ever produced is actually still in use in some form today!  The numbers are really impressive.  For instance, when we manufacture new aluminum cans from recycled cans, it takes 90% less energy than manufacturing from virgin metal.  We can produce twenty recycled aluminum cans using the same energy that’s required to produce one new can from virgin ore.  More than that, recycled aluminum can be re-fabricated into a multitude of products – not just cans.

Aluminum recycling in Toronto, and right across the country, has measurable benefits, especially for the environment.  But at the same time, it’s amazing how many millions of aluminum cans are still arriving at landfill sites or getting incinerated.  In North America alone, the billions of aluminum cans that are landfilled (instead of being collected for recycling) could add up to a value of more than half a billion dollars.  For companies like Tal Metal Recycling, the recycling of aluminum satisfies local demand, as well as national and international demand.  And their process is end-to-end:  they collect and sort; they process and re-fabricate; and they distribute and ship the raw, recycled material.  It’s the “perfect storm” of aluminum recycling:  there is plenty of waste material to be collected; a lot of market demand for the recycled material; and opportunities galore to re-use, re-manufacture and produce “new” aluminum products.

For the average consumer, recycling is basically about filling up a blue bin once a week and having the local municipality take care of the rest.  Aluminum recycling is just part of the whole.  The spin-off benefits that we don’t see are actually more profound.  The main benefit is reduced dumping into landfills, and needless to say, the more we reduce, the better.  In addition, using recycled aluminum means less need to extract and process virgin ore, which in itself preserves the natural environment.  Finally, the practice of use and re-use of aluminum makes economic sense, especially when we realize how much pop and beer we consume, not to mention the multitude of other containers. 

The thing is, aluminum recycling benefits everyone:  domestic households; cities and towns; business and industry.  And the benefits are far-reaching – non-renewable resources are conserved; energy usage is curtailed; and manufacturers experience cost savings that are often passed to the consumer.  As for the future, and as technology advances, recycled aluminum materials will be used more and more – whether it’s for building materials, automotive parts, or household goods.

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