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Ways to Make More Money Selling Scrap Metal

Posted on 18 September 2019

If you’re looking to make money selling scrap metal you need to have a well-organized plan. You need to have a good scrapyard as a partner. You need to understand market prices. And you need to know how to best collect, separate, and prepare all of your scrap metal.

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Stay Home and Stay Safe with Scrap Metal Pick up

Posted on 23 April 2020

With COVID-19, self-isolation and physical distancing is keeping everyone at home, without much changing in the near future. As it turns out, it’s a great time to start getting rid of junk that’s lying around, and even get rid of materials that could go to the scrap yard.

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Things You Didn't Know About Recycling Scrap Metal

Posted on 07 July 2020

Many of us are familiar with household recycling, particularly through local municipal collection programs. Typically, we go through the process – we bag up everything – we put it at curbside – and we hope for the best.

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What is Scrap Metal Used For?

Posted on 07 September 2020

Today, most of us participate in some form of scrap metal recycling, either through a municipal collection program, or private collection services. Once the scrap is gone we pay little attention to the outcome. The truth is, most of us don’t know where that scrap metal will actually end up.

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Scrap Metal Pick Up Is The Best Option for Recycling

Posted on 16 November 2020

With the continuing pandemic, and constraints of self-isolation, scrap metal pick up has become a popular option for homeowners who want to do some scrap metal recycling. As it is, this is the ideal time to clean junk found in the home and collect material for the scrap yard.

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How Do I Dispose Of Old Scrap Metal?  

Posted on 15 December 2020

Scrap metal recycling is more than just collecting beverage cans and glass containers on a weekly cycle. In fact, when it’s clean-up time around the house, there are countless metal-containing products that could easily be recycled – instead of being sent to a landfill site.

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What is The Best Scrap Metal to Collect?

Posted on 15 January 2021

For most people, scrap metal recycling is about a once-a-week municipal collection. The focus is more about being responsible than making some extra cash, and it tends to be quite a small scale.

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