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How Do I Dispose Of Old Scrap Metal?  

Posted on 15 December 2020

Scrap metal recycling is more than just collecting beverage cans and glass containers on a weekly cycle. In fact, when it’s clean-up time around the house, there are countless metal-containing products that could easily be recycled – instead of being sent to a landfill site.

While metal recycling is the responsible response to waste, it can also generate some easy cash, with some metals being valuable. For example, in good quantities, aluminum and copper are well worth collecting and recycling. And with scrap metal pick up, it’s an easy process.

Unfortunately, the reactive option with household metal waste is to put the item out for garbage collection. Recycling is a much better option, especially when dealing with old appliances, old automotive parts, or old aluminum items. With a little effort, it’s doable and even payable.

The Process of Scrap Metal Recycling

In North America (and around the world) there’s no shortage of scrap metal waste – and much of it can be collected, processed, and recycled. This includes everything from food containers, to automotive parts, to household appliances, to building materials. Today, many of these already contain recycled material that was once metal waste. For example, today’s automobiles contain about 65% recycled steel, iron, and other metals.

Getting Paid for Household Scrap Metals

In most residential homes, scrap metal can be found practically everywhere. When it’s time to de-clutter, there’s plenty to choose from inside the home, in the basement, and in the garage. The fact is, good quality scrap metal is worth some cash, and with scrap metal pick up, it couldn’t be easier. Old fridges, stoves, and dryers can be quite valuable as scrap. Even old bikes, swing sets, and car parts can be recycled.

Tal Metal Can Provide Pick Up in the GTA

For homeowners doing some de-cluttering in and around the home, it’s a good time to collect scrap metal material. In the GTA, Tal Metal provides a convenient pickup service, along with physical distancing measures during these pandemic times. The pickup service is FREE and prices are market competitive. All depending on the volume and quality of the scrap, Tal makes every effort to provide the best possible prices.

Properly Preparing Scrap Metal Materials

With metal recycling, the best prices are offered when materials are properly sorted and well separated. This process could be a challenge for some, but even the basic separation of common metals is a good start. Prior to arranging for pickup, it’s helpful to get some input from the scrap yard about preparing the load and even checking current metal prices. The big advantage with Tal Metal is the FREE curbside pickup service.

For Scrap Metal Recycling in The GTA Choose Tal Metal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tal Metal provides homeowners with a “no contact” scrap metal pick up that keeps employees and customers as safe as possible. Find out more about our services by calling 844-282-9994 or visiting our company website at https://www.talmetal.ca.

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