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What is The Best Scrap Metal to Collect?

Posted on 15 January 2021

For most people, scrap metal recycling is about a once-a-week municipal collection. The focus is more about being responsible than making some extra cash, and it tends to be quite a small scale.

For others, metal recycling (and often aluminum recycling) is a more serious undertaking with a view on making some quick cash. The key, of course, is to collect the right type of scrap metal.

Understanding the various types of scrap metal is about identifying which metal is most valuable. After all, metal market prices fluctuate, so it’s important to collect scrap metal that is in demand.

Collecting Various Scrap Metals

At Tal Metal Inc. we specialize primarily in non-ferrous metals, and because we understand the market, we can advise collectors which scrap metals are in demand, and which scrap metals will bring the best price. We also provide convenient scrap metal pick up throughout the GTA. Tal Metal handles various grades and volumes of scrap metal, offering the most competitive prices.


Scrap copper metal is available from many sources, especially from industrial waste. This type of scrap is found in cables and wiring; roofing and gutters; plumbing and piping; compressors and transformers. Quality scrap copper is collectable from both residential and commercial sources.


Aluminum is probably the most recyclable of all scrap metals, and aluminum recycling has an established record of success. Food and drink containers are a major source of waste aluminum, but can also be found in screen doors, window frames, auto parts, computers, and electronics.


Brass is an alloy, manufactured from a combination of copper and zinc. Scrap brass can be found in a variety of places:  bed frames; doorknobs; lighting fixtures; and bathroom hardware. From industrial sources, scrap brass is found in pipefittings, valve systems, and heavy plumbing.


Recycled iron does not lose its original integrity when re-manufactured into new material. A good quantity of scrap iron makes collection economically worthwhile. It’s found in automobile bodies; cast iron bathtubs; water heaters; water tanks; as well as refrigerators and washing machines.


Collecting scrap silver can be a source of easy cash. It’s certainly part of the recycling stream as the metal can be remanufactured into new products. Scrap silver can be found in silver-plated items, kitchen silverware, jewelry, and even some old coins that were minted with real silver.


Scrap stainless steel is actually available everywhere, so it’s an easy scrap metal to collect and sort for recycling. It’s found in kitchen sinks; “white” appliances; and various building materials. Because stainless steel is often an alloy, there is some complexity in separating the scrap metal.

Tal Metal Accepts All Types of Metal Scrap

When it comes to collecting scrap metal, serious scrap collectors can rely on Tal Metal Inc. for the best possible market prices. We specialize in all types of metal recycling, including aluminum recycling. More than that, we can provide convenient scrap metal pick up.

Find out more about our recycling services (and scrap metal pick up) by calling one of our in-house experts at 905-660-7081 or by visiting our website at www.talmetal.ca .

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