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Best Items Around the Home For Scrap Metal Recycling

Posted on 29 January 2021

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, most homeowners don't realize how much scrap metal is actually lying around the home (inside and outside). Whether it’s about being environmentally responsible or earning some extra cash, recycling scrap metal can make a lot of sense.


Today, with additional services like scrap metal pick up, the entire process is made easy. What’s important is to collect the scrap metal that’s most in-demand and to make sure that it’s appropriately separated. The less work a scrap yard has to do, the better the price they can provide.

scrap metal pick up in Toronto

Scrap Metal Around the House

The idea with scrap metal recycling is to collect and assemble metals that will earn top dollar. In fact, there are three quite common scrap metals found around the house – copper, brass, and aluminum. Collecting these metals, along with scrap metal pick up, makes things worthwhile.


Aluminum is probably the most common non-ferrous metal found around the house. It’s found everywhere – from beverage cans to auto parts, screen doors/windows, to old bikes, to end-of-life household appliances. Once recycled, aluminum can be remanufactured indefinitely. As for market prices, they fluctuate daily, and because of the lightweight, high volume is required.


While brass is trickier to find around the house, it’s rewarding in terms of payback. Brass can be found in household items like bed frames, plumbing faucets, door handles, and lamp fixtures.  Scrap brass should be clean – without any plastic or rubber. Otherwise, the price is less because the scrap yard has to process the material. The weight of brass makes its volume valuable.


Most of the time, scrap copper is in high demand. As such, copper will fetch the most money when scrapping metal. Because copper prices fluctuate, it’s important to understand the market in order to get the best price. Scrap copper is found in electric wiring, roofing materials; plumbing pipes; and electronic transformers. The highest quality scrap copper will get the best price.

Whatever the type of metal, the best price is garnered when everything is well separated and sorted. If the scrap yard has to do additional sorting work, the price will be lower. In Toronto and throughout the GTA, Tal Metal Inc. specializes in non-ferrous metals, offering the best possible market prices. We always instruct our collectors on which scrap metal will bring the best price. 


Tal Metal Processes and Recycles Accept All Types of Scrap Metal Products

For scrap metal recycling throughout the Greater Toronto Area, local collectors can depend on Tal Metal for great personal service and great market prices. Our facility processes and recycles all types of metal, but we primarily specialize in non-ferrous metal types.

By providing convenient scrap metal pick up, we make it much easier for collectors to assemble and separate their scrap. Find out more about all of our metal recycling services by calling 905-660-7081 directly or by visiting our company website at www.talmetal.ca.

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