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The Most Valuable Scrap Metal You Can Find In Your Basement

Posted on 10 June 2024

Metal recycling in Toronto is a judicious blend of environmental consciousness and economic savvy. It puts dollars into your pocket while preserving and reusing our precious natural resources. And your basement can be a treasure trove of valuable scrap metal—all that renovating and decluttering has some surprising hidden benefits! Metal recycling in Toronto has seen an upswing in recent years, reflecting a growing awareness and local participation. Here’s our guide to the most valuable scrap metals you might find lying waste in your basement, all ready to be turned into profit at your local Toronto metal scrap yard, Tal Metal!

Copper: The Hidden Gem in Your Scrap 

Copper is the big prize among scrap metals in your home. This reddish-brown metal is a staple in electrical wiring and plumbing owing to its excellent conductivity and malleability. You might find copper in old electrical wires, plumbing pipes, or even some antique decorations tucked away in your basement. Copper prices are consistently high, so it’s definitely worth your time to check those dusty corners and hidden boxes for a tidy sum at Toronto metal scrap yards! 

Aluminum: Lightweight Treasure in Everday Scrap

Aluminum is another metal treasure in your home that’s sturdy yet light. It’s used in beverage cans, old window frames and screen doors, utensils, and discarded household appliances. Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to produce new aluminum—a beneficial economic and sustainable endeavour. So go through your basement to gather aluminum articles—you’ll be surprised at the hidden value you can uncover!

Brass: The Golden Alloy in Your Fixtures & Fittings 

Your everyday household items like faucets, doorknobs, light fixtures, and decorative pieces could be made of brass. A durable alloy of copper and zinc, it’s easy to spot by its bright, golden appearance. Brass commands a lucrative resale value, so recycle those old fixtures or decorative pieces to add to your wallet while adopting a sustainable cycle of reuse and recycling.

Stainless Steel: The Durable Money Spinner

Matchless resistance to rust and corrosion makes stainless steel a staple in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. You can find it in old appliances, sinks, and various fixtures that might be collecting dust in your basement. Steel’s durability and recyclability make it a valuable scrap metal—recycle to earn money and a lower carbon footprint.

Lead: Handle with Care for Big Returns

Lead was used in old plumbing systems and is widely used in batteries. While its weight and application make it valuable, lead requires careful handling due to its toxicity. It should not be disposed of in regular trash. Instead, take your old batteries or piping to a certified Toronto metal scrap yard to process them safely. Recycling lead will help clear your basement while ensuring this toxic metal is managed responsibly.

Iron: Rusty Relics with Recycling Potential

Recycling iron is a green initiative as it reduces the need for new iron ore mining. Those old tools, ageing cast-iron piping, and window or door frames lying in your basement may be made of iron. While it may not fetch a high price like copper or brass, iron still brings value due to its recyclability and abundance. 

Recycling Tips: Turning Clutter to Cash

Recycling scrap metal is not rocket science—you can easily identify and collect valuable metals from your basement. Start by categorizing your finds—separate copper wires from aluminum cans and brass fixtures from stainless steel appliances. Use a magnet to quickly identify iron. You must separate non-metals like wood or plastic from recyclable scrap metal. Always ensure lead items are taken to a certified facility that handles hazardous materials.

Tal Metal for Simplified Metal Recycling in Toronto

Be a part of sustainable waste management and earn some extra cash with Tal Metal! We know metal scrap, and our efficient metal recycling in Toronto will cover all your scrapping needs. Our convenient scrap metal pickup and bin rentals make recycling a breeze. Reduce your carbon footprint while making quick cash—adopt metal recycling in Toronto with the Tal Metal experts!

Happy recycling!


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