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The Value Behind Aluminum Recycling

Posted on 10 February 2021

It’s surprising how prevalent aluminum products are in everyday life. Aluminum is very widely used in countless products and applications in every aspect of modern life. And that’s precisely why aluminum recycling has become so important and so relevant.

In fact, the most valuable metal in a typical recycling bin is aluminum. And while prices for scrap metal can fluctuate, it’s not uncommon for a ton of aluminum to generate over $1,000.00. What’s more, with scrap metal pick up, the entire process is made easier.

Aluminum is probably the most recycled metal

scrap metal pick upAluminum is likely the most recycled metal in the world. It’s also the most recyclable metal, which means that nearly 75% of the aluminum produced in the U.S.A. is still used. The best thing about aluminum is that it can be recycled over and over again endlessly in a “closed-loop.”

Unlike other recyclable metals, aluminum actually pays for itself in the industrial waste process. This is because the demand for aluminum continues to rise, as does the price of waste aluminum. It makes sound economic sense when compared to manufacturing new metal.

The economic reasons for aluminum recycling

While aluminum recycling does provide benefits for both the environment and the economy, there’s simply not enough waste aluminum material being recycled worldwide. This is all part of the extraordinary levels of residential and commercial waste worldwide.

Of course, the problem is that when aluminum isn’t getting recycled, new aluminum products are being manufactured from “virgin” ore. Manufacturing aluminum from “virgin” ore means that enormous amounts of energy are being consumed for mining and processing.

Scrap metal pick up in Toronto and in the GTA

To get the very best price for scrap aluminum, the material should be adequately prepared and separated from other scrap metals. In other words, the more work the scrap yard has to do in separating metals, the less they are ready to pay for the scrap.

The significant benefit when dealing with a scrap yard like Tal Metal is the FREE curbside pickup. It makes the whole process of scrap metal collection much easier and more convenient. With Tal Metal, both homeowners and business owners can benefit equally.

Before arranging for a pickup, it’s always helpful to check market prices with the scrap yard. This allows for the collection of metals that are most in-demand and with the highest prices. At the same time, the scrap yard may have valuable input on preparation.

For Convenient Scrap Metal Pick Up Count on the Professionals at Tal Metal

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Tal Metal provides scrap metal pick up throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This convenient curbside pickup ensures the safest possible safety protocols.

Tal Metal still offers the most competitive prices for all types of non-ferrous scrap metals collected (includes scrap brass, copper, and aluminum).
Learn more by visiting our website at https://www.talmetal.ca or calling 844-282-9994 directly.

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