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Scrap Metal From Your Commercial Renovations Can Be Very Valuable

Posted on 08 May 2020

If you’re a builder or renovator, you’re well aware of the enormous amount of scrap metal waste that’s leftover from every project. When it comes to scrap metal recycling in Toronto, tons and tons of metal waste are generated from commercial renovation projects.

Naturally, all that waste metal is bad news – but there’s also good news. All that scrap metal in Toronto is of value to recycling companies. It means that thousands and thousands of pounds of scrap metal is re-routed from landfill and re-manufactured into new material.

Clearly, there are immense environmental benefits to metal recycling in Toronto, but there are additional economic benefits – for the waste provider, waste collector, and recycling facility. The point is, everyone in the supply chain benefits economically from recycling.

Recycling scrap metal more effectively

Commercial renovations offer many opportunities to recover and recycle scrap metal. This is particularly important for redirecting scrap metal from landfill sites. With substantial amounts of waste generated on most construction sites, there’s much to be said for the effective collection, processing, and recycling of waste metal.

The bottom line with metal recycling in Toronto is that construction and renovation operators can create value with a different approach to materials management. To be sure, it’s important to reduce building-related waste through more efficient construction/renovation practices. At the same time, scrap waste can be valuable.

Tal Metal offers FREE pick up in the GTA

As a leader in scrap metal recycling, Tal Metal offers customers FREE pick up service in Toronto    and throughout the GTA. Depending on the volume and quality of the metals, we pay competitive industry prices for copper, aluminum, and brass.

During the current pandemic constraints, Tal Metal will coordinate the safest possible pickup, ensuring physical distancing, while providing efficient service. With fluctuating metal markets, we make every effort to pay top dollar for scrap.

At Tal Metal, we specialize in the collection and recycling of “non-ferrous” metal – those that do not contain iron (copper, aluminum, and brass). When market prices are high we can offer our customers the highest possible market prices.

For added convenience, Tal Metal provides recycling bins for all types of construction/renovation projects. We have a wide range of bin sizes and bin capacities and can provide efficient pickup and delivery to streamline your operation.

Choose Tal Metal for scrap metal in Toronto

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, construction and renovation contractors can rely completely on Tal Metal for all scrap metal needs. We see ourselves as the industry experts, with in-house professionals who understand the marketplace.

As well as building sound business relationships with our customers, we are also responsible in regard to the environment. We make an effort to operate with a “green” approach, as we re-direct tons and tons of scrap metal waste from landfill.

To find out more about our scrap metal services call 905-660-7081 or send us a message online. One of our recycling professionals will be glad to help out.

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