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Top Household Metals Ranked by Value

Posted on 12 June 2020

After a winter season of staying mostly indoors, spring tends to be a welcome time for cleaning up both indoor and outdoor “junk”. For many, it’s a great time to clean out all of the leftovers in the garage – for others, it may be time for a home renovation and getting rid of the bigger “stuff”.

For homeowners in Toronto and the GTA, scrap metal pick up can be a valuable service when preparing scrap metal for recycling. Your local scrap metal yard can also be helpful in prioritizing the best metals to collect and recycle. Best of all, scrap metal can provide easy cash in short time.

For Scrap Metal Pick up in Toronto Make Sure to Collect the Right Metals

Around the house, scrap metal can be found in the garage, the backyard, and the basement. As for homeowners who are doing a renovation – there are usually high volumes of scrap metal that can be collected – all worth good money. With scrap metal pick up, the process can simple and easy.


Year in and year out, scrap copper has become a consistent favourite for scrap yards. It’s because the price is usually very good, as long as the quality is good. The fact is, the price for scrap copper fluctuates with the international market – so the price per pound also fluctuates. In and around a home, copper is most plentiful in scrap from plumbing, wiring, lighting, and electronics.


Brass is another valuable metal commonly found around the house. Whether spring-cleaning or home renovating, you’ll find brass in piping, faucets, doorknobs, and hardware. Here again, the best price for scrap brass is attained when the material is properly sorted and separated. Most metal recycling facilities pay by weight so it’s well worthwhile to separate as best as possible.


Aluminum can be found in many places around the house – not just canned beverages. It’s found in old fencing, exterior siding, eavestrough gutters, and even downspouts. For homeowners who are installing new windows, the old aluminum frame windows can be a major source of scrap. The same is true for aluminum screen doors. Higher volume will ensure a more substantial price.


Scrap iron may not be the most valuable, but it’s the heaviest, so the price per pound can provide a good payoff. Iron can be found in cast iron stoves, old bathtubs, and a wide range of automotive parts. In much older homes, renovators often find quite a load of cast iron from various sources. A scrap yard that can offer scrap metal pick up in Toronto would be a very valuable resource.

In Toronto and the GTA, Tal Metal Offers Convenient Scrap Metal Pick up

Tal Metal specializes in “non-ferrous” scrap metal, offering the best possible prices on the market. We provide recycling bins for renovation and construction projects, as well as FREE scrap metal pick up in Toronto. During COVID-19, we can coordinate safe pickup as we practice responsible physical distancing. Call 844-282-9994 to arrange for pickup or visit our company website.

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