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Stay Home and Stay Safe with Scrap Metal Pick up

Posted on 23 April 2020

With COVID-19, self-isolation and physical distancing is keeping everyone at home, without much changing in the near future. As it turns out, it’s a great time to start getting rid of junk that’s lying around, and even get rid of materials that could go to the scrap yard.

Today, it’s possible to arrange for convenient scrap metal pick up in the GTA. It makes it much easier to collect metal items around the house and get rid of the junk once and for all. Actually, it’s surprising how much is in the basement, garage, and outdoor shed.

Tal Metal provides scrap metal pick up throughout the GTA

During these pandemic times, Tal Metal offers scrap metal pick up for residential homes in the Greater Toronto Area. This service gives homeowners an opportunity to clear out all kinds of scrap metal around the house without any face-to-face contact during pickup time.

Tal Metal coordinates convenient curbside pickup, which ensures proper physical distance, while maintaining the most efficient service. Homeowners who might be experiencing some financial strain at this time can realize some quick cash by recycling household scrap metal.

As a leader in metal recycling, Tal Metal can offer customers FREE scrap metal pick up in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Best of all, we offer competitive prices for all types of scrap metal – including copper, brass, and aluminum. The more volume – the more cash.

Tal Metal Specializes in a Range of Non-Ferrous Metals

For residential and commercial customers in the GTA, Tal Metal specializes in the “non-ferrous” metals. These are the metals that don’t contain iron, like aluminum, copper, and brass. With quality metal and good volume, Tal Metal pays customers a very good price.

When market demand is high for a metal, the price is also high, and this could mean quite significant cash for customers. Most importantly, customers are assured of processing and recycling that is responsible, all according to best practices and high industry standards.

In Toronto and the GTA, Count on Tal Metal for Scrap Metal Recycling

During these difficult times, Tal Metal is committed to the best possible service under the safest possible conditions. We are practicing enhanced hygiene and physical distancing as we coordinate our curbside pickup service online and over the phone.

For homeowners in Toronto and adjacent communities, Tal Metal provides FREE and convenient scrap metal pick up. Our full-service approach incudes collection, separation, and processing of all types of scrap metal, primarily non-ferrous metal.

If you’re in the midst of clearing out household junk, but reluctant to have any face-to-face contact, Tal Metal has a satisfactory solution with FREE curbside pickup. You can also feel satisfied that all that scrap metal is being redirected from landfill sites.
Find out more about our metal recycling services by calling 844-282-9994 or contact us online to send us a message at our website and one of our recycling specialists will be in touch.

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