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Ways to Make More Money Selling Scrap Metal

Posted on 18 September 2019

If you’re looking to make money selling scrap metal you need to have a well-organized plan. You need to have a good scrapyard as a partner. You need to understand market prices. And you need to know how to best collect, separate, and prepare all of your scrap metal.

Serious collectors have learned the best ways to make money selling scrap metal. While following some basic guidelines will certainly help, the key is to capitalize on metals that are in demand – that way you realize the best return-on-investment for your time and effort.

  1. Properly separating your scrap metal: Amongst collectors, it’s understood that separating scrap materials makes more money. It may take time, but separating metals like copper, brass, and aluminum is worthwhile when it comes to dollars per pound. Clearly, you’ll need to know which metal is which – but with the right info on hand it’s easy. An organized plan for separating your scrap metals will make you more money.
  2. Collecting ferrous/non-ferrous metals: A good quality magnet is essential when separating metal. A magnet will confirm whether you have a ferrous metal (steel) or a non-ferrous metal (aluminum). If the magnet sticks, the metal goes into the ferrous pile. If the magnet doesn’t stick, the metal goes into the non-ferrous pile. Bottom line:  your non-ferrous metals will be more valuable and will thus yield more money.
  3. Taking apart electronics/machinery: If you deliver an entire air conditioning unit to a scrapyard, you’ll get less money than taking it apart for the components. Yes – it’s laborious and time-consuming – but the separated metals, components, and motors will generate more money. The same thinking applies to those insulated cables and copper wires. Stripped wiring will always get you more money per pound of metal.

Can You Make Good Money Selling Scrap?

If you’re going to make money selling scrap metal, you’ll have to do it like a business. To begin with, you’ll have to deal in volume. This will bring in more money. Plus, it will give you more negotiating power at the scrap yard. Moreover, it will position you as a reliable scrap provider.

Dealing in volume also provides a better return-on-investment. With large volumes of scrap, the time and effort you invest in separating and preparing the metals makes better business sense. And on delivery to the scrap yard, all of that prep work turns into much better dollars/pound. 

Another key to making good money is being aware of market prices. This is essential in knowing which metals to collect when prices are high, and which ones to avoid when demand is low. Here, partnering with a good local scrap yard can be quite valuable, and the relationship is important.

Are Car Batteries Worth Anything As Scrap?

While car batteries do contain dangerous acid (highly toxic) they can be safely recycled, and even remanufactured into new batteries. The most efficient and responsible way to dispose of old car batteries is through recycling. The good news is that old car batteries can generate cash.

Collecting and recycling car batteries helps the environment immensely, with the added bonus of making some money. The price of a scrap car battery will vary depending on the price of lead at the time of collection. During a period of high demand, this could translate into worthwhile cash.

Ideally, old car batteries should be brought to a regulated facility. It’s a source of extra cash, but more importantly, it’s a responsible approach to recycling. Old car batteries can be of any brand or type and can be processed by a number of regulated facilities across the province.

Can You Scrap Rusty Metal?

With scrap metal recycling, the condition of your material is critical in determining its value. If the materials are tarnished or contaminated, your scrap yard may well reject your entire load. Rusted scrap metal is an issue, whether you’re collecting metal furniture, car parts, or the like.

Rust only occurs in those metals that contain iron (like steel). Because steel is a primary metal in manufacturing, it’s contained in many products around the home – outdoor furniture, automobile parts, even nails and screws. Some of these products are “coated” to prevent rusting entirely.

Rusted metal weighs less than clean metal, mainly because the metal is damaged. Because your scrapyard pays by weight, rusted metals will generate less cash than clean, undamaged metals. So if you’re going to make maximum make money selling scrap metal, clean materials are preferred.

What Metals Can’t Be Sold As Scrap?

Some metals simply cannot be recycled. They may contain toxic materials or other contaminants. These metal products should be disposed of at special waste depots, and avoid any recycling.

  1. Paint cans that contain residual paint are not recyclable and therefore cannot be sold for scrap. Old paint containers should be appropriately disposed to ensure no environmental implications.
  2. Like paint cans, automotive oil containers cannot be recycled. They contain harsh chemicals that have reacted with the metal, and can therefore be hazardous to both air quality and environment.
  3. Pots and pans are not necessarily hazardous, but are not typically accepted by scrapyards. This is because many of today’s pots and pans are coated with chemicals that contaminate the metal.
  4. Propane gas tanks are NOT recyclable. They cannot be resold as scrap metal. These tanks should be reused where possible, or disposed properly at an industry regulated hazardous waste site.

With Tal Metal, You Can Make Money Selling Scrap Metal 

At Tal Metal, we know the recycling business – we know what the market needs and we know the ins and outs. We specialize in non-ferrous metals, so if you’re keen to make money selling scrap metal, call us at 905-660-7081 or fill out our contact form

If you’re collecting aluminum, copper, bronze, or brass, we can help you to make money selling scrap metal. We’ll provide valuable advice on what metals are in demand and we’ll provide you with information on how best to collect, separate, and prepare your scrap metal.

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