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Aluminum Recycling

Posted on 12 July 2013

Aluminum recycling is the perfect storm of the recycling world – primarily because the processing and refining is far less expensive and less energy intensive than the mining, extracting and processing of NEW aluminum. Recycling and reuse of scrap aluminum makes sense – industry statistics note that scrap aluminum requires 5% of the energy that is used to make new aluminum.  It’s no wonder that more than one third of aluminum produced in the USA alone, comes from aluminum recycling.

Beverage cans, its no surprise, are the largest category associated with aluminum recycling, and most of that metal scrap is remanufactured right back into brand new aluminum cans.  It’s truly unbelievable how much energy is saved!  Industry statistics show that 95% energy is saved compared with processing new aluminum – and the aluminum is endlessly recyclable, retaining all of its properties, regardless of how many times it’s recycled.

Aluminum recycling produces substantially less emissions during processing than other metal recycling (once again, the industry statistics are astounding).  With recycling, the essence of the environment is preserved, contributions to landfills are reduced, and multiple use and re-use is achieved, especially when you consider how much pop and beer we consume in North America.

Needless to say, aluminum recycling benefits all of us – communities, business and industry.  Natural resources are preserved, the environment is maintained, and industry enjoys very cost effective manufacturing.  As processing and refining technologies advance, product recycling grows without limit – for aluminum siding, for automobile parts, even lawn furniture.  Aluminum recycling is, without doubt, a win-win scenario.

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