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Copper Recycling Tips

Posted on 11 January 2016

The act of recycling is becoming a popular phenomenon. Although we all know that we should be recycling our used metals, we don’t necessarily know how to do it for items that don’t go in our blue bins. Slowly, but surely, that information is becoming more widely known. This post will fill you in on the benefits of copper recycling, what can be recycled, and where you can recycle your copper products.

Copper recycling has many benefits for both you and the environment. Recycling copper can be very profitable and net you great returns on the time you’ve taken to gather your copper. It’s never a good idea to simply discard your metals. They can be used elsewhere. For example, when you recycle copper, the metal is collected, melted down, and then manufactured as a new copper product. Recycled copper has about a 90% resale value from what it was bought for. Recycled copper is essentially just as valuable as the original copper.

Copper recycling and reusing also has many benefits to the environment. For example, the more copper recycling there is, there will be fewer sulphate gases released into the environment. Sulphate gases are typically released into the environment when copper is being extracted. If we’re sustainable in copper recycling, we will not have to mine for more, because we can reuse what’s already been extracted. It is also important to note that the demand of copper is increasing. Instead of mining and harming our environment through further copper extraction, copper recycling is an effective and sustainable alternative.

Now, you may be thinking that only large amounts can be used for copper recycling, however, there are a variety of items, big and small, that can be used for copper recycling.

Firstly, household electrical equipment can be used for copper recycling, along with: mobile phones, sink taps, door knobs, switches and sockets. All these items must contain copper in order to be properly recycled as a copper material. Additionally, larger items such as: copper piping, cars, large electrical equipment from warehouses and more, are also eligible for copper recycling.

There are so many items that can be used and reused for copper recycling. At Tal Metal, we know how to effectively recycle your unwanted metals. Located in the GTA, Tal Metal is a leading scrap metal recycling company that handles various grades and sizes of recyclable metals. At Tal Metal, we pride ourselves on being a leader in innovation and sustainability in the non-ferrous metals recycling industry. We make sure that we give our clients the best prices, both for selling and for purchasing. We focus on the importance of sustainability and our environment. Tal Metal’s has “gone green” through initiatives such as: decreasing pollution, reducing waste, and promoting the recycling of various materials instead of disposing of them completely.

This is why you should choose Tal Metal for your copper recycling matters, and for all other non-ferrous metal materials. For more information on what types of products and services they provide, tips on recycling your metals, or even for general inquries, visit www.talmetal.ca or call us at, 905-660-7081.

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