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Metal Recycling in Toronto

Posted on 11 July 2014

Tal Metal Recycling Inc. is an established recycling facility operating throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and focused on buying, processing and distributing scrap metal.  Having served the industry for almost two decades, our customers are principally industrial, and our operation has expanded and grown to include local, national and international clients.  Today, with everything going global, and as the industry experiences tremendous growth, we maintain a leading position with our cutting-edge online communication network that keeps us connected with clients and customers worldwide.

For Tal Metal Recycling Inc., customer service is our priority when it comes to metal recycling in Toronto.  We want to provide reliability that is unmatched in the business; we want to ensure customer commitment that is beyond expectation; and we want to offer the best collection and distribution options available in the market.  Quite simply, our long-term objective is to build sound, ongoing relationships with our customers, where we make sure to address specific needs, and make certain to accommodate those needs. 

As we keep close watch on the marketplace, we know what the market needs, and we know where to get it. And that includes all manner of non-ferrous scrap metal – aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, lead and nickel.  We separate and process our scrap metals based on specific customer requisites, and quite often on the unique demands of the market.  With our globally linked on-line network, we keep up-to-date on short-term and long-term metal recycling trends, and keep a very close eye on daily price fluctuations.  As well, when we use our computerized search capabilities, we are able to monitor supply and demand activity right around the world – it helps us to ensure competitive pricing, whether we are buying or selling.

To keep our leadership position, the principles at Tal Metal Recycling Inc. are constantly improving operations, and developing proprietary approaches to enhance the business:  we want to deliver the most efficient service possible; the quickest turnaround times for our demanding client base; and the most effective and efficient flow of incoming and outgoing scrap metal.  Our staff and employees are highly skilled professionals who know the business inside out, and who understand the nuances of the market, both locally and globally.  Beyond that, our people are bent on creating and maintaining an industry reputation based on honesty and trust.

For those looking to capitalize on metal recycling in Toronto, or in the outlying regions of the GTA, Tal Metal Recycling Inc. can manage the entirety of your metal recycling needs – we can buy scrap material from you; we can manage your internal metal recycling programs; and we can provide transportation and logistics where required.  We expedite everything with a level of efficiency that you would expect from every supplier – and best of all, with competitive pricing.

Depending on the size and scope of your business, we can also offer business solutions associated with metal recycling.  Our industry experts can explain and clarify unique aspects of the industry, and even problem-solve when innovative solutions are required.  With all of our customers, large and small, our objective is to sustain the business relationship for the long term.

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