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Metal Recycling in Scarborough – How to Choose the Best Recycler

Posted on 17 February 2015

The number of industries that are involved in metal recycling in Scarborough has been increasing steadily over the last three years. The huge amount of scrap metal that is disposed of by companies and residential areas is one of the most plausible explanations for this trend. Here are some factors that you should consider when looking for a Scarborough recycler.


Not all recycling companies in this region are legitimate. You will definitely end up in traps bait and switch techniques if you do not consider the reputation of the company. Based on this fact, choose a company that has a proven record of accomplishment and preferably a member of a professional association. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals that you can consult to get a clear perspective of the services offered.

Get More Information on Pickup and Sorting Services in Scarborough

This tip mainly applies to contractors who intend to be selling huge chunks of waste such as copper wires on a regular basis. It is recommendable to find out if the company will be offering free pick up and sorting services. The best offer complimentary containers that clients can use as waste bins in their premises. This information will not only help you to find the ideal recycler but also building a long lasting business relationship

Check Pricing for Bulk Scrap

Instead of disposing of scrap metal, you can make some extra cash by selling the metal to recycling company. Compare and contrast the pricing for bulk scrap offered by the various industries that deal with metal recycling in Scarborough to get the best price. Do not shy away from consulting companies or homeowners who have in the past sold the scrap metal to get recommendations.

Customer Service

Find a metal recycling company that is keen to treat clients with the highest level of courteous and diligence. Online customer reviews can help you gauge the quality of customer service offered by the various companies. If you wish, you can visit the facility to get firsthand experience on how they treat customers.

Does it Provide Certificate of Destruction

If you intend to dispose of classified hardware that can be used to gather classified information about your business, it is prudent to choose a company that provides a certificate of destruction to show that the waste was disposed of as per the environmental waste disposal rules and regulations. This will definitely limit your liability if some of the materials are not disposed of correctly by the recycler.

Security Standards

Sensitive waste such as hard drives should be properly formatted before being destroyed or donated to charity organizations. Note that even faxes, photocopiers and multi-function printers have hard drives that can be used to get company data. Hence, choose a company that maintains high security standards. One way of doing this is by checking the technology that they use to wipe of data from such sensitive materials.

Choosing the best company that carry out metal recycling in Scarborough is the surest way of ensuring all your metallic waste is disposed correctly. Use this tested and proven tips to make an informed decision.

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