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Benefits of Metal Recycling in Brampton

Posted on 17 February 2015

Millions of tons of metal are released into dumping sites and the environment ever year. Increase in the number of companies that use metals such as aluminum cans to pack their products is one of the leading causes of increase in scrap metal waste. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, over 150 million tons of scrap metal from all over the world was recycled in 2008. This figure is projected to increase by the end of 2015 due to rampant influx of new food processing companies that rely on aluminum cans to pack products.

There are a number of professional metal recycling Brampton companies whose main goal is to ensure that all waste metal is put to good use. They have invested in modern equipment that they use to melt the metal and create new products. They have gone a step further to invest in modern vans that they use to transport the waste from companies and residential areas to the main recycling plants.

Let us look at benefits of metal recycling in Brampton.

Promotes Environmental Wellness

Haphazard disposal of metal into the environment leads to massive environmental pollution. Dumping of the metals in an area for a long period leads to wastage of land that can be used for agriculture or construction of buildings. In addition, accumulation of water inside the metal cans leads to mosquito infestation, as they love laying eggs in stagnant water. This in turn predisposes the people living around the area to Lyme and other diseases.

Making new metallic product from mined ore requires a lot of energy that in turn leads to unsustainable utilization of natural resources used to generate the energy. It also leads to huge increase in green house gases that are released into the environment. The gases are known to have a greenhouse effect that lead to global warming and climate change. Inhalation of some of the games can lead to respiratory health problems. On the contrary, making products from waste metal requires less energy and releases small amounts of greenhouse gases to the environment.

Studies show that metal recycling in Brampton generates 97% less mining waste and uses approximately 40% less water as compared to mining companies.

Ore Conservation

There are very limited ores in the world today. This means that continuous mining can lead to depletion of ore deposits. If depleted, the future generations will have no option but to look for alternative sources of ores, which in real sense do not exist. Companies involved in Metal recycling in Brampton helps to prevent such scenarios by reducing the amount of virgin ore that is mined by lowering demand for metal.

Economic Benefits

Metal recycling creates thousands of jobs for Brampton residents. This in turn helps to promote growth of the economy both locally and regionally. There is a need for the government to put in place incentives to encourage more entrepreneurs to venture into this industry.

Clearly, Metal recycling Brampton companies plays a very important role of promoting environmental wellness and economic growth.

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