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Most Valuable vs. Least Valuable Scrap Metal

Posted on 19 September 2022

Perhaps you recently renovated your home, or maybe you work at a company that manufactures goods containing metal - whatever the case may be, disposing of scrap metal is a valuable practice. As the scrap metal industry has grown substantially over the past few years, more and more people are deciding to recycle their metal at scrap metal junk yards in Toronto in exchange for cash. Though each type of scrap metal is worth something, some are far more valuable than others. At Tal Metal, we purchase ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals while providing the most competitive rates in the GTA. If you’re ready to make some quick cash, visit our metal scrap yard in Toronto.

Continue reading to learn which scrap metals are the most vs. least valuable.

What are the Most Valuable Scrap Metals?

By understanding which scrap metals carry the most value at scrap metal junk yards in Toronto, you can sift through your unwanted belongings and trade them in for a return. 


Non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, and brass, are usually worth more than ferrous metals containing iron. Aluminum is one of the most profitable scrap metals homeowners or contractors can find lying around their homes or workplaces. It’s used in various industries and is located in many places, including siding, gutters, window frames, doors, and more. To recycle your scrap aluminum, reach out to Tal Metal for scrap metal pick up in Toronto and elsewhere in the GTA.


Copper is another highly valuable metal found around your home or place of work. Copper is typically used in wires, pipes, building fixtures, electronics, and appliances. Copper is always in demand at scrap yards in Toronto, so you can count on making a good amount of money, depending on how much you recycle. 


While brass is not typical in your home, it’s still a valuable scrap metal to recycle in Toronto. Brass can be found in instruments, HVAC systems, heaters, hinges, and more. Brass is commonly used with other metals like aluminum or steel, so if you sort carefully through your unwanted metal, you may find some. 

What are the Least Valuable Scrap Metals?

Though some scrap metals are not as valuable as others, it’s still worth your time to recycle unused metals. Not only do you get money for recycling your scrap metals, but you’re helping the environment one step at a time. Recycling metals reduces greenhouse gases which are a significant contributor to climate change. The team at Tal Metal offers reliable recycling services for your scrap metal and gives you the cash you deserve. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are common in many households, have a long life cycle, and are 100% recyclable. Though stainless steel isn’t worth as much as copper, brass, or aluminum, with a decent amount, you can make good money in return. 


Iron is one of the most important metals and is in 90% of all metals refined today. Iron is a magnetic, easily recycled, and strong scrap metal typically found in vehicles, appliances, and construction. At Tal Metal, you can rely on our team to recycle your iron scrap with care.

Choose Tal Metal For Scrap Metal Recycling

The team at Tal Metal are highly experienced in handling, sorting, and recycling all different types of scrap metal. We offer pick-up and drop-off services, including bin rentals for those with large amounts of scrap. If you’re interested in getting rid of your unwanted scrap metals, look no further than Tal Metal to get the job done with excellent competitive prices in return. 

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