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Outdoor Living Scraps Perfect for Metal Recycling

Posted on 08 August 2023

Sustainability has taken center stage worldwide, and metal recycling is a positive initiative toward conserving our precious natural resources. Tal Metal is leading the charge in scrap metal recycling at local junkyards in Toronto, bringing sustainable practices to life. A torchbearer of eco-consciousness, Tal Metal is, demonstrating how metal recycling helps the environment and contributes to the local economy. Metal recycling benefits extend beyond mere waste reduction; they encompass resource conservation, energy savings, and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. With each metal scrap that gets a second chance at usefulness, we inch closer to a greener and more sustainable future for Canada.

Transforming Outdoor Scraps into New Possibilities

With outdoor spaces dotted with old patio furniture, rusty gardening tools, and discarded outdoor fixtures, abundant potential resources await transformation through responsible metal recycling! Here’s what you can recycle at your local junkyard in Toronto: 

  • Old Patio Furniture: Those old and unusable metal patio chairs, tables, stools, and benches can find redemption in the metal recycling process. Metal patio furniture is easy to recycle as it’s fashioned from durable metal that can be recycled repeatedly. Remove non-metal components like fabric or plastic before sending them for sustainable transformation.
  • Garden Tools: Your rusty or broken gardening tools can find a new purpose through scrap metal recycling. Give a quick cleaning to remove soil or accumulated dirt, and take them to a junkyard in Toronto to exchange them for fast cash and a renewed lease of life. 
  • Broken Grills, Fencing, and Railings: When upgrading your outdoor space with new fencing or railings, let the old metal parts continue their journey through recycling. Bid farewell to your old grills, bars, or fencing by recycling them at Tal Metal. Make sure you remove non-metal elements like plastic knobs or handles. 
  • Old BBQ Grills: If your BBQ grill has seen better days and is not functioning correctly, it’s time to replace and recycle! Most BBQs are made of steel or aluminum, which can fetch you good cash at Tal Metal. You also do your bit for the planet–metal recycling lessens the need for fresh mining as these metals can be recycled multiple times. 
  • Rusted Planters: Don’t toss away the rusted planters in your garden. Remove the soil & plants and add them to your metal recycle stash.
  • Outdoor Light Fixtures: Outdated or broken metal light fixtures from your outdoor area need not go to waste. Recycling their metal components can earn extra bucks at your local junkyard.
  • Old Lawn Mower: Broken lawnmowers and their metal parts can find a different “green” purpose through recycling. Your old petrol mower’s metal blades and engine components can be recycled and exchanged for cash to support new outdoor endeavours. Don’t forget to empty the tank before taking it to your local metal recycling unit. 
  • Unused Piping or Tubing: Leftover metal piping or tubing from outdoor projects can be a source of extra cash through recycling. It also ensures they don’t end up in landfills.
  • Old Bicycles: Beyond-repair bicycles can still serve a noble cause. Recycle the metallic parts to contribute to sustainable practices and free up space for more adventures.
  • Metal Swing Sets: As children outgrow their metal swing sets, the metal can find a new home in the recycling world. Transform them into something new and exciting through scrap metal recycling while reducing environmental impact.

Before embarking on your recycling journey, consult your local metal recycling center or junkyard in Toronto for specific guidelines on acceptable metal types. Team Tal Metal is ever-ready to guide you in turning mundane scraps into resourceful new products! Every recycled piece at Tal Metal helps us live sustainably, demonstrating the true essence of environmental stewardship. Make cents out of metal scrap with Tal Metal. Call now & start recycling!

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