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How to Choose the Right Company for Metal Recycling

Posted on 29 November 2016

Probably the biggest mistake when customers are choosing a scrap metal dealer is to focus only on the best price. And while this is certainly an important factor when it comes to making a living, there are other factors that should be given equal consideration. After all, choosing a scrap metal dealer is all about a business relationship, and hopefully a relationship that will grow in future.

Business Environment

There’s a wide choice out there. There are sophisticated scrap yard operations with high-tech equipment and online access to metal markets. And there are others, less sophisticated, and with a lot of aging equipment. Here, it’s important to identify a compatible business environment.

Location and Hours

For those who are making a living from metal recycling, location and hours of operation are an important consideration. A convenient location and flexible hours will make a difference. Overall, delivering scrap metal ends up being much more efficient and cost effective to the bottom-line.

Business Relations

Like any business, it’s important to establish good relations with a scrap metal dealer. As a loyal customer, there are definitely long-term benefits, not to mention advantages on market pricing. Loyalty actually benefits both the customer and the scrap yard – it’s well worth holding onto.

Scrap Metal Prices

Beyond some of the other business factors, pricing will have a determining influence in choosing a scrap metal dealer. And because market prices change on a daily basis, the best deal is a fair deal. A good dealer will do business honestly, and will offer prices that are market realistic.

Extra Special Offers

From time to time, some scrap yard dealers offer special prices, depending on their inventory and other market factors. They may need aluminum scrap or copper wiring, and are prepared to pay a little extra. If this type of dynamic is compatible, it could set the stage for a viable partnership.

“Going Green” Effort

By definition, metal recycling is environmentally oriented – the scrap metal is being recycled and re-used in a responsible way. As it is, many scrap metal dealers are “going green”, particularly in the way they process. If it’s important, this could be a determining factor in choosing a dealer.

Size Does Matter

For many in the business, size matters. Sometimes a scrap metal dealer who operates nationally could be of benefit. National exposure may be advantageous in monitoring fluctuating prices and even in forecasting market trends. Here again, the scope of one’s business it what matters most.

Service Commitment

While every business makes promises, it’s always good to hear about a commitment to customer service. This is also a sign that relationship building is part of the mix – always a good element. The real test, of course, is doing business day-to-day. After that, it’s a matter of continuity.

All things considered, choosing a reputable scrap metal dealer ends up being a personal decision. And although this is mostly a business decision, it’s still about relationship building and trust. Getting the highest market price from a dealer who offers terrible service doesn’t make for a satisfying relationship. And neither does doing business with people who you don’t trust. That’s why it ends up being very much a personal decision, and dependent on future business plans.

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