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Scrap Metal in Peel Region

Posted on 13 July 2014

Buying, selling, collecting, distributing – most everything you want to know about scrap metal in Peel Region is available through the Internet.  And as a collector, it’s absolutely critical to know what metal is in demand, and what prices are being paid for which specific scrap.  After all, this is a business where selling at the highest price is integral to making good money.  But it’s also important to know who will buy the scrap metal, and what kind of price you can get.

In general, collecting scrap metal in Peel Region presents the same potential as any other market, with a focus on the scrap metal that is in highest demand (especially if collecting has become a business).  The standard metals, like copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and iron are always in demand by scrap dealers, but at the same time, individual prices should always be monitored.  Inasmuch as a local scrap yard will give immediate cash for scrap metal, it’s the clean, well-sorted scrap that gets the better price.  And on the receiving end of scrap metal are regional yards like Tal Metal Recycling Inc. – they purchase, process and distribute all kinds of scrap metal, and offer competitive pricing, depending on quality and volume.

For the collector, non-ferrous metals (these are non-magnetic) are more valuable than ferrous, and consequently worth more money at the scrap yard.  Collecting scrap metal in Peel Region, especially if it becomes a serious business endeavor, must focus on a number of considerations:  the quantity and volume of scrap metal being collected; the transportation and delivery of materials to the dealer; and the potential for regular and ongoing supply to that dealer.  All in all, a serious collector will have to be committed to sourcing new scrap; sorting and separating for quality; and providing a reliable supply of material to a dealer.  

The sources for scrap metal are innumerable.  Household appliances that have come to their “end-of-life” stage are quite valuable, not only for their sheet metal, but also for the inside machinery which contains many pounds of copper wiring, probably the most valuable of the scrap metals.  And when it comes to automobile scrap, the payoff is even more significant – with aluminum, copper and brass all in one package.  Always a critical factor for the collector is the quality of the scrap – because for the dealer, the more sorting and processing they require, the lower the price for the collector.  It puts the onus on the collector to provide the best quality scrap, as pure as possible, and with the least amount of work for the scrap dealer.

Clearly, the benefits of collecting, processing and recycling scrap metal in Peel Region, and across the nation, are multi-faceted.  The business aspect for both collector and dealer are well defined, but there’s more.  Overall, the benefits of recycling metal are well established: landfill sites are spared tons of scrap; raw ore extraction is reduced; and pollution in the air and water is minimized.  That’s more or less the “big picture”.  As for the “local picture”, it’s more about the business model that delivers profit to both the scrap collector and the scrap dealer.

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