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Scrap Metal Recycling 101

Posted on 13 July 2020

Recycling household scrap metal may not necessarily save the environment, but it can help. At the very least, homeowners who bring their scrap metal to a scrap yard in Toronto can generate some quick and easy cash (while cleaning up a little at home).

The truth is, there’s plenty of waste metal in and around the home – from the garage, to the attic, to the backyard. Regardless of the quantity, scrap metal is welcome of any capacity at one of the scrap yards in Toronto. In fact, with quality copper, there’s actually money to be had.          

All You Need To Know About Recycling Your Scrap Metal

Identifying Different Metals

In a typical scrap yard in Toronto, household metal waste is identified and sorted as a first step in the recycling process. Today, using sophisticated, high-tech machinery, it’s all done very quickly and very efficiently. Naturally, the idea is to isolate the highest quality metal materials.

At home base, a conventional magnet can be very useful in distinguishing between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. If the magnet sticks to your material, it’s a ferrous metal and contains iron. If the magnet does not stick, you have a non-ferrous metal, like copper or aluminum, which carry a higher value.

Sorting Metals

For those who might be more serious about collecting scrap metal, it’s wise to have containers (or bins) to cleanly sort the different scrap metals. This is particularly valuable when delivering it to the scrap yard afterwards – it means less work at their end and more cash for properly separated waste.

With scrap metal collection, it’s good to have some knowledge of metals, especially in isolating valuable metals like copper and aluminum. Indeed, copper is one of the most valuable metals and quite plentiful around the house – from computer cables, to extension cords, to plumbing pipes.

Pricing Metals

When it comes to pricing, scrap yards in Toronto decide on prices based on the market demand. As well, prices are based on the quality of the scrap material, which means that unsorted, junky metals will fetch less. High volumes of quality scrap metal will generate the best prices overall.

Renovations and construction projects can generate quite a high volume of scrap metal. Here, it’s an advantage to set up recycling bins and arrange for the scrap to be picked up. Throughout the GTA, Tal Metal provides a wide range of collection bins, along with FREE scrap metal pick up.

Tal Metal is Your Trusted Scrap Yard in Toronto and Mississauga

Homeowners looking for scrap yards in Toronto can rely on Tal Metal for a full-service approach. We specialize in non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum and we offer the highest possible prices for quality scrap.

Tal Metal also offers scrap metal pick up for an easier collection process. During COVID-19, we offer safe pickup protocols and responsible physical distancing – excellent service continues even under these conditions.

Find out more by calling our scrap metal experts at 844-282-9994 or visit our company website at https://www.talmetal.ca to find out about our full range of services.

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