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Here are Some Things to Consider When You Recycle Metal

Posted on 16 July 2018

In most cities and towns, you can recycle metal in a “mixed” recycling container. This usually occurs on a weekly basis. For larger pieces of metal and higher volumes of scrap, you can deliver these to a scrap dealer and actually get paid.

Almost every type of metal is recyclable. On a small scale, metal can all be collected in a recycling bin. With bigger loads, specific types of metal must be first separated before delivering to a local scrap dealer.

Can you put metal in the recycling bin?

When you recycle metal as part of your municipal recycling program, it’s simply a matter of throwing everything into one bin. From metal food containers to pet food cans to large cookie tins, it can all be recycled. It’s also recommended that these items be rinsed out to prevent contamination of other materials. Once again, if you are collecting larger volumes of metal, it’s best to bring these loads to a scrap metal dealer like Tal Metal for cash (located in Vaughan).

Can you recycle all metals?

Metal is one of the most desirable recyclable materials.  And most common metals can be easily recycled – like copper, aluminum, and steel. When you recycle metal you are preventing that waste from going to a land site and ensuring that the raw material is being used again. On a large scale, recycled aluminum and copper provide a high proportion of newly manufactured material. There are of course some types of metal that cannot recycle which are further explained in this article. Best of all, metal recycling ensures far less energy consumption compared to using virgin ore.

What is not recyclable material?

There are a number of metal-containing items that are not accepted for recycling. These include paint tins; saucepans; garden tools; kitchen utensils; and gas canisters. For one thing, some of these are contaminated and could cause problems. As well, these items often contain a mix of metals, which would compromise the recycling process. With precious metals (silver, gold, or platinum) you would probably prefer to sell these in quantities that could generate some cash.

What metal things can you not recycle?

If you recycle metal on a regular basis in your local municipality, you have likely received a list of YES items and NO items. This list should be followed to avoid any problems at the recycling plant. Most importantly, there are items that should not even be considered – like radioactive metal and items containing mercury. Finally, televisions and computer monitors are also on the NO list, even though they contain metals. In fact, these types of items may have special collections set up.

You can recycle metal at Tal Metal Inc.

With larger volumes of scrap metal, it’s possible to cash in when delivering the material to a scrap metal dealer like Tal Metal Inc. While our customers are mainly industrial, high volumes of metal scrap are always welcome, even from local homeowners. To find out more about our metal recycling services, call 905-660-7081 or visit our company website at www.talmetal.ca.

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