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Try Scrap Metal Pickup Services this Winter

Posted on 08 January 2020

If you’re ready to get rid of household scrap, but reluctant to deal with it during winter, then scrap metal pickup is the answer for you. It’s super convenient when it's cold or stormy, and you can be sure that all of your metal waste is being properly recycled.

Tal Metal is a local scrapyard in Toronto that provides FREE scrap metal pickup throughout the winter. We can tell you which metal is in most demand and which metal will fetch the best price (we offer our services to both residential and commercial customers).

Scrap metal pickup is simply convenient in winter weather

A leader in scrap metal recycling, Tal Metal offers customers FREE pickup service in Toronto and throughout the GTA. We are a well-established scrapyard in Toronto, offering competitive prices for a wide range of metals – including copper, iron, brass, and aluminum.

Depending on the volume of your scrap metal, we can provide convenient pickup, particularly in winter weather conditions. With Tal Metal, you can be sure that your scrap metal gets processed responsibly, and recycled appropriately according to industry standards.

You’ll find all types of scrap metal around your home

Because scrap metal prices fluctuate, Tal Metal can let you know which metals are in highest demand, and which will fetch the best price. We always offer the best possible industry prices.


Copper is the most universally recycled metal. For the most part, scrap copper (high quality) tends to be in very high demand – from copper wiring, to copper piping, to copper hardware.


Brass is quite heavy, and can fetch a good price when the volume is high. You’ll find scrap brass in a range of household products – door hardware, plumbing fittings, and ornamental products.


Around the home, you’ll find scrap aluminum both inside and outside – in window frames, home hardware, outdoor furniture, automobile parts, even old aluminum siding that’s lying around.

Tal Metal specializes in a variety of non-ferrous metals 

As a reputable scrapyard in Toronto, Tal Metal specializes in non-ferrous metal. These are metals that do not contain iron – like aluminum, brass, and copper. With high quality scrap, and decent volume, Tal Metal pays out competitive prices.

We make sure that your scrap metal gets properly recycled, and that very little leftover goes to landfill. When the demand is high for a specific metal, prices are also high, and this could mean significant cash, even for your household scrap.

Choosing Tal Metal for all your scrap metal recycling

At Tal Metal, we buy scrap metal from residential and commercial customers in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We pay competitively, and provide FREE pickup service for all types of household metal scrap. Because we’ve been in business for nearly two decades, we’ve got the experience and expertise – and we have a sound reputation throughout the industry.

You can find out more about our metal recycling services by calling one of our specialists at 844-282-9994 or visiting our company website

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