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Why Reduce Landfill Waste with Scrap Metal Recycling

Posted on 13 July 2023

Do you know where your garbage ends up? Landfills have formed around the world, filled with everyone's waste coming from schools, homes, stores, restaurants, etc. These landfills  are taking up valuable space in our city and are detrimental to the environment and other resources. It's crucial to sort your waste correctly to properly dispose of it at a scrap metal junk yard in Toronto. Items made of metal will not decompose when put into landfills; therefore, metal recycling is an excellent option. Tal Metal will accept any of your non-ferrous metal parts, which would then be repurposed into new products like automotive parts or appliance parts.

Learn more about how scrap metal recycling can help reduce landfill waste below.

Reducing Pollution

If you ever pass by a landfill, you often ingest a very smelly aroma. From food to agricultural waste, mold can form, and the cocktail of odours does not mix well. The food waste disposed of in these landfills creates methane contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Metals in landfills release toxic chemicals into the soil, like lead and mercury, which are dangerous to animals and humans. This pollution also makes it hard for vegetation to grow, if at all. If it does grow, the produce can contain chemicals that humans will consume. Metals in landfills also slow the decomposition process, as metals are not biodegradable. This leaves landfills staying their size and never shrinking, or even worse, growing. These areas can be useful real estate for housing or cultivating.  

Recycling metals and repurposed materials can not only help landfills but conserve energy as well. By repurposing metals, this process takes less energy than making products from scratch; it's a win-win situation. 

Saving Wildlife

When seeking new metals, it involves mining, which is a very costly process. Repurposing recycled metals can be beneficial. It protects animals' habitats and eliminates the risk of them consuming any metals in landfills. If they do find metals, it can affect us humans through the food chain. Not only that, but metal consumption can cause extinction as it creates issues with reproduction. Protecting our ecosystem is essential, as the world would not be as green without it. We want to preserve nature as much as possible. 

Reducing Landfill Waste with Metal Recycling

The ecosystem is all interconnected. From the water we drink to the vegetables we eat, metals in landfills can also affect our health. Recycling your metal parts is the best thing you can do to help be more environmentally friendly. Tal Metal will buy and sell any non-ferrous metal parts you may have that you no longer use. Being in the business since 1997, we provide high-quality services at a competitive price. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by solving any problems you have and answering any questions you throw at us; we are here to help.

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