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Why You Shouldn't Put Aluminum in the Garbage

Posted on 21 March 2022

When working on a home project or just simply decluttering your house, mounting excess waste can quickly become overwhelming. The default approach and the most convenient option is throwing all unwanted items and junk into the garbage. If metal waste happens to be included in that trash, you may want to consider going with the aluminum recycling option instead. When you collect scrap aluminum, you can dispose of it via scrap yards in Toronto and make easy money sustainably. 

Recycling your aluminum with Tal Metal isn’t just an easy way to make quick cash; it’s also a lot healthier for the environment. We take your metal waste and put it towards re-manufacturing new products, which also helps to reduce the waste at landfills. On top of paying you for your metal trash, we also offer free pickup services to transport your junk to one of our scrap yards in Toronto. Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of aluminum recycling.

Helping The Environment

Bauxite ore, a naturally occurring element that is the principal ore of aluminum, is mined, crushed, rinsed and refined as alumina before smelting. This process can result in a large amount of acidic mud that can contaminate both soil and water. Not only is it harmful to the environment, but it can be dangerous for humans and animals as well.

When dumped at landfills, aluminum products such as old electronics or computers can bleed toxic waste into the Earth. Aluminum recycling prevents this from happening, and it also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emitted. When aluminum is smelted, it releases nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide into the air, two toxic gasses that make up some of the elements found in acid rain and smog. If you didn’t already know, there isn’t a limit for how many times aluminum can be recycled. As a sustainable metal, it can be infinitely recycled without little to no loss of material. Aluminum cans, the most recyclable and valuable aluminum products, can be found back on a store’s shelf within just 60 days of recycling. 

About 90 to 95% of energy required to make aluminum from bauxite ore is saved by aluminum recycling. If one pound of aluminum is recycled, about seven kilowatt-hours of electricity are saved. The energy it takes to make one new piece of aluminum from bauxite ore is equal to making 20 recycled aluminum cans. Not only is recycling scrap waste the most energy-efficient, but it's the most environmentally friendly option as well. Unfortunately, less than half of the aluminum cans sold worldwide each year are recycled. If you want to make a difference, we urge you to consider aluminum recycling with Tal Metal. 

Recycling With Tal Metal

We want to help make the planet a healthier place, and we do that by meeting your recycling needs and making sure that you are getting paid appropriately for your metal junk. We’re flexible at Tal Metal; we customize our services to meet your requirements. We provide reliable pickup of your junk, and we can handle all different types of metals that come in varying grades and volumes.

If you have any questions about properly recycling your scrap metal, contact an expert at Tal Metal now!

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