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5 Advantages of Steel Recycling

Posted on 30 April 2018

The advantages of steel recycling can benefit both consumers and business owners. If you’re a homeowner, you may have scrap steel around the home or garage that could easily be sold to a local dealer. In the right quantities, scrap steel can be quite valuable – it might be from a home renovation, some end-of-life appliances, or even old office furniture. While earning a quick buck is great, the advantages of steel recycling go far beyond, particularly relative to the environment.

What are the Advantages of Recycling Steel?

Steel happens to be the most recycled metal material around the world. It means that the benefits and advantages of steel recycling make for good economic sense. Chances are that you are using recycled steel at this very moment – whether it’s in your vehicle, your food packaging, or even in one of your many household appliances. The advantages of steel recycling are quite far reaching.

1. Saving on energy and raw resources

The process of recycling steel dramatically reduces the dependency to consume other valuable raw resources. In fact, every ton of recycled steel will save 1.5 tons of virgin iron ore PLUS a half a ton of coal PLUS 40% of the water normally used in steel production. These are huge savings.

2. Less waste steel going to landfill sites

The greater the amount of recycled steel being used, the less waste steel that goes to landfill. In the long term, this translates into fewer landfill sites, which has a very positive effect on the environment and natural eco-system. Recycling huge volumes of waste steel makes a difference.

3. Recycled steel does not lose its strength

Steel is a metal that can be recycled many times over. Even through multiple recycling stages, the steel does not lose its inherent strength. As such, because recycled steel retains all of its natural durability, recycled steel materials are used in construction materials and household appliances.

4. One of the most easily recycled metals

One of the biggest advantages of steel recycling is the ease of the process. Unlike other metals, steel is one of the easiest to recycle. Many other scrap metal materials require sorting and other preparation before recycling – steel needs to be collected, melted, processed, and then recycled.

5. Businesses benefit from recycled steel

Nearly all steel produced today uses recycled steel content. From highway guardrails, to fire hydrants, to office equipment, all of these contain recycled steel. In fact, practically every new steel product that’s purchased today will contain a certain volume of recycled steel material.

Finding a scrap metal dealer to recycle your steel

With the right scrap dealer, you could earn ready cash for quantities of scrap steel. Throughout the GTA, Tal Metal can service both residential and commercial customers, and with competitive prices that could put cash in your pocket. Tal Metal is locally based in Vaughan/ Concord, Ontario with a service perimeter that includes Toronto and all of the surrounding communities. Find out how to profit from scrap steel by visiting our website at www.talmetal.ca or calling 905-660-7081.

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