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What is the Best Scrap Metal to Sell?

Posted on 13 June 2018

In understanding the best scrap metal to sell, it’s important to understand the various metals that are in common use today and easy to find. Clearly, some metals are more valuable than others, and depending on market prices can vary from month to month. For the serious collector, it’s key to identify which is the best scrap metal to sell – this will ensure the best return on investment.

Find out what the best scrap metal to sell is


Iron is one of the most recycled metals, with all grades of scrap being segregated, shredded, and melted for remanufacturing. Iron is a ferrous metal, while steel is an iron alloy (contains carbon). High volumes of scrap iron can be commonly found in end-of-life vehicles, end-of-life appliances, and all types of industrial plumbing and piping. Scrap iron may also be found as “cast iron” – often used in older homes. This would include heating radiators, door hinges, and door handles.


Aluminum is likely the most abundant of scrap metals. Drink and food cans are a major source of scrap aluminum. In fact, whether at home or in a business, aluminum could be considered the best scrap metal to sell. Serious collectors can find scrap aluminum widely:  ladders and fencing; computers and electronics; sports equipment; screen doors and window frames; vehicles and auto parts: and many household appliances. Aluminum is re-manufactured into myriad products.


Recycling and reusing copper preserves copper resources. As well, recycling copper uses more than 80% less energy than iron ore mining. Best of all, scrap copper is very widely available, and particularly from industrial sources. Scrap wire can be sourced in high quantities from cable and wiring; plumbing and piping; residential roofing and gutters; electric motors, compressors, and transformers. Collectors will find quality scrap copper in both residential and commercial locales.


Brass is defined as an alloy, which means that it’s manufactured from a mix of other metals (a combination of copper and zinc). It’s similar in colour to gold and therefore used as a metal alternative for aesthetics. Scrap brass can be found in many places around the home:  brass bed frames; lighting fixtures; doorknobs, hinges, locks; kitchen and bathroom faucets. Throughout industry, scrap brass can be found in valve systems, pipe fittings, and heavy industrial plumbing.

Tal Metal Inc. accepts all types of scrap metals

Tal Metal Inc. specializes in non-ferrous metals like copper, bronze, brass, and lead. Because we know the market, we can advise which scrap metal is priced well and which is the best scrap metal to sell. We use computerized systems to monitor scrap metal demand, so we’re able to be competitive while providing collectors with the best possible prices. We handle all grades and all volumes of scrap metal and offer pricing directly related to the quality of the scrap delivered.

When it comes to collecting the best scrap metal to sell, serious collectors can count on Tal Metal Inc. for a high standard of service. Apart from buying and selling scrap metal, Tal Metal is focused on a number of other priorities – reducing waste; saving energy; and promoting reuse. Find out more by calling 905-660-7081 directly, or by visiting our company website at www.talmetal.ca.

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