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5 Car Parts for Aluminum Recycling

Posted on 18 August 2021

Collecting scrap aluminum can be a valuable and rewarding pass time due to its significant return on investment, and if you know where to look, it’s easier than one would think. In the auto industry, aluminum is being used in many parts, and those parts can be salvaged for scrap. Aluminum recycling has become a key component for most scrap yards in Toronto, and demand for aluminum scrap is ever-present.

While auto parts are an essential part of aluminum recycling, there are many other sources where scrap aluminum can also be found. That’s because aluminum is widely used in manufacturing – from product packaging to electrical wires to construction materials. Overall, the potential for aluminum recycling is limitless and can be lucrative.

If you are looking for scrap aluminum, here are 5 car parts you should consider. 

Most scrap yards in Toronto will readily accept aluminum auto parts. But to get the best price, the materials need to be clean and uncontaminated. Rubber and plastic will only compromise the quality and will yield a lower price. More importantly, aluminum auto parts are also available from discarded trailers, motorcycles, and even tractors. Because the material is lightweight, volume is required.

Aluminum Wheels

The first most apparent place to find aluminum in a car is the wheel of the vehicle. Aluminum wheels (rims) are a valuable scrap material. They are easy to collect and will not require very much sorting before delivering to the scrap yard. Whatever the volume of scrap, the dealer will be much more accepting of clean materials.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is found in various auto parts, but especially in areas like the front grill or under the hood in the engine block itself. To get the best price, you should remove all plastic and rubber contaminating the aluminum before bringing it in or scheduling a scrap metal pick up in Toronto. Aluminum in the engine is far more likely to be mixed with other materials than more isolated parts like rims. 

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire is always an excellent commodity for Toronto scrap yards. While it can be found in a home appliance, you can also find unwanted aluminum wires in scrap cars. Ideally, the wire should be cleaned of insulation material and other debris. Since it all gets priced by weight, collectors should make sure that the work involved in cleaning is worthwhile. Since prices vary with market fluctuations, it’s a good idea to check with your scrap dealer ahead of time.

Extruded Aluminum

Many car parts are made with aluminum extrusions – these are pure aluminum parts and are worth the most because they are considered “clean”. Needless to say, the challenge with any type of scrap aluminum is that a high volume is required to generate a decent payback, even when prices are high. But when you know where to look and work with a premium scrap yard, like Tal Metal, you can maximize your trade-in value. 

Scrapping Auto Parts at Tal Metal

Whether from discarded auto parts or household appliances, collecting aluminium scrap is an easy way to generate cash while stopping waste from going to a landfill site. Operating throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Tal Metal makes the whole process easier with FREE scrap metal pick up.

We collect and recycle non-ferrous metals, including copper, brass, and all types of aluminum. And our full-service operation incorporates a responsible approach to scrap metal recycling.

Contact one of our in-house recycling experts to find out about current market prices and aluminum recycling in Toronto.

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