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Why Scrap Metal Pick Up is the Way of the Future

Posted on 08 September 2021

Like so many other changes associated with the COVID pandemic, scrap metal recycling has also undergone changes. Tal Metal, for example, is one of the leading scrap yards in Toronto that’s offering scrap metal pick up in Toronto.

These days, much of our daily lives are being managed from the comfort of our homes. So, it's no surprise that scrap metal pick up has quickly become such a popular part of the landscape. It’s of great benefit to scrap collectors and even local homeowners who are both looking to start scrapping and those who are well-versed.

For convenience, Tal Metal now provides scrap metal pick up in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Serving both residential and commercial customers, the pick up service makes it much easier to collect, assemble and prepare the scrap.

The Many Benefits of Scrap Pickup Service

As one of the full-service scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal coordinates a safe and convenient curbside pickup service for local customers. During these times, it remains a safe alternative, ensuring physical distancing that many customers appreciate.

Scrap metal pick ups facilitate accessibility so those collecting scrap don’t have to find their own transportation to a Toronto scrap yard, instead they can conveniently set aside scrap metal to be collected based on their personal schedule. 

In addition to the FREE scrap metal pick up service, Tal Metal offers competitive pricing for a wide range of scrap metals – including aluminum, copper, and brass. With good quality scrap, the more volume collected, the more cash pay-out is available.

Tal Metal Specializes in Non-Ferrous Metal

Whether it’s residential or commercial scrap metal, Tal Metal is focused on collecting and recycling “non-ferrous” metal. These metals don’t contain iron and would include aluminum, copper, and brass (amongst others).

When the demand for a specific metal is high, the price for that scrap metal is also high. And it offers an excellent opportunity to collect and recycle that metal. During these market highs, Tal Metal provides customers with the best prices.

More than just price, the flexible pickup service from Tal Metal allows customers the added convenience when it comes to delivering their scrap metal. With everything in place, the entire process is streamlined and efficient.

Scrap Metal Pickup Throughout the GTA.

Tal Metal services residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our staff is experienced in every aspect of metal recycling, and we make every effort to provide the most reliable customer interaction. Our team picks up and removes scrap metal, assuring a clean and orderly process.

When offering scrap metal pickup services in the GTA, our people show up on time with the right tools and equipment to ensure a comprehensive collection. Tal Metal is strongly committed to the environment and further committed to re-directing waste metals from landfills to recycling.

Choose Tal Metal for Scrap Metal Recycling

Tal Metal is a Canadian company with recycling operations that are both local and national. We do our best to provide the best customer service and the best possible scrap prices based on the fluctuating metal markets.

Our customers rely on us to operate responsibly, ensuring that metal scrap is properly recycled and re-directed from overloaded landfill sites. For homeowners and business owners, we make recycling work.  

Contact us to schedule your scrap metal pick up today in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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