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Aluminum Recycling for Beginners

Posted on 21 September 2021

Scrap metal recycling (including aluminum recycling) can take on many forms. You might be interested in getting involved as a sideline, or you may want to get serious and make some extra money. For some, it may take on a bigger scope by collecting scrap metal from commercial or industrial sources.

Whatever the case, it’s key to connect with a reliable and reputable scrap yard. Tal Metal is one of the leading scrap yards in Toronto, specializing in non-ferrous scrap metal. At the same time, it's essential to understand the different metals and their value. At Tal Metal, our team helps you with that knowledge.

Why Recycle Aluminum?

From end to end, the aluminum recycling process provides an excellent return, along with various economic benefits for businesses large and small. For scrap yards in Toronto, waste aluminum is usually a sought-after metal and can deliver a good price year-round.

Aluminum doesn’t degrade during the recycling process, and its physical structure isn’t altered. More than that, when recycling aluminum, much less energy is consumed when compared to the mining, processing, and manufacturing of new aluminum from virgin ore.

Non-Ferrous / Ferrous Metals

A non-ferrous metal doesn’t contain iron, so it’s much more corrosion-resistant than a ferrous metal which does contain iron. Non-ferrous metals are typically pliable and lightweight, making them ideal for plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, and roofing materials.

Because ferrous metals contain iron, their use and application will differ greatly from non-ferrous metals. Aluminum and copper, for example, are non-ferrous metals with physical properties that allow for indoor and outdoor applications that won’t tolerate corrosion.

The Return on Aluminum Recycling

Depending on the fluctuations of the metal market, scrap metal prices will differ even on a daily basis. Aluminum scrap metal, for instance, is usually in demand, and therefore will typically fetch a good price. At Tal Metal, we make every effort to offer competitive prices.

Working with Tal Metal, customers can take advantage of a FREE pickup service. Throughout the GTA, Tal Metal can provide scrap metal pick up for scrap collectors as well as residential and commercial customers. It’s an additional incentive when recycling aluminum.

Sourcing Aluminum Scrap Metal

One of the most common sources of waste aluminum is pop cans, beer cans, and food cans. In and around the home, aluminum scrap can often be found in higher volumes – like old garden chairs, discarded window frames, and even computer electronics and components.

For serious collectors, scrap aluminum is found at construction sites, home renovations, and auto garages. With a high volume of scrap, and clean aluminum material, the cash from a local scrap yard can be significant. And with enough aluminum, the weight can add up quickly.

Aluminum Recycling with Tal Metal 

Tal Metal specializes in collecting and recycling aluminum, copper, and brass. We offer a full-service approach to metal recycling that incorporates the collection, separation, and processing. In Toronto and throughout the GTA, we offer the most competitive scrap metal prices to part-time collectors, homeowners and business owners.

Contact Tal Metal today to learn more about aluminum recycling with us!

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