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How to Make Scrapping Metal More Efficient

Posted on 04 October 2021

For some, scrapping metal for recycling is just a side-line. For others, it can be a more serious endeavour, regularly dealing with a local scrap yard and earning some cash along the way. If you’re looking for scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal is an established operation that provides full-service while also offering convenient and cost-saving scrap metal pick up in Toronto.

Scrapping metal is really about turning “trash into cash”. And for those who are more serious, it’s essential to streamline the scrapping process to get a better return on all the time and effort.

Here are few ways to streamline your scrap recycling process.

Learn Which Metals Are Most Valuable 

The key to scrapping metal efficiently is to save time and effort by “cherry-picking” the scrap metal that offers the best price. After all, the idea is to make the process as lucrative as it can be. Scrap metal falls into two categories – ferrous metal that contains iron and non-ferrous metal that has no iron. Identifying which metal will fetch the best price per pound is crucial.Ferrous scrap metals are more plentiful but less valuable than non-ferrous metals. So, it makes sense to collect non-ferrous metals for the higher price (aluminum, copper, brass, and nickel).

Scrap Metal Pick Up in Toronto

Working with scrap yards that offer scrap metal pick up in Toronto you can streamline scraping by coordinating convenient pick ups to save you time and enhance flexibility. As one of the leading scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal provides convenient pick-up service for customers throughout the GTA. As well as our FREE pick-up service, we make every effort to offer competitive prices. Indeed, high-quality scrap metal will always fetch a good price.

With scrap metal pick-up in the GTA, the team at Tal Metal shows up promptly and with the proper equipment to ensure efficient collection. Our people are committed to the recycling process and are genuinely dedicated to redirecting scrap waste metal from landfill sites.

Disassembling Scrap Metal Parts 

In some cases, high-value metal may be “hidden" amongst associated waste. And while it takes time and effort to separate the "good stuff", it's often worthwhile. In short, it's worth disassembling scrap whenever possible to get the valuable metals separated. The fact is, scrap yards offer better prices for well-separated scrap metal. In other words, the more work involved at the scrap yard, the less cash for the collector. A good example here is removing the insulated wrap from copper wire to bare the metal. More experienced collectors have found it valuable to extricate aluminum and copper from computer waste and other electronic equipment. True, it's extra work and effort, but payback on those two valuable metals makes it worthwhile on the bottom line.

Choosing Tal Metal for Metal Recycling

As a Canadian company, Tal Metal operates responsibly to make sure that all scrap metal is recycled appropriately and redirected from landfill sites. For both homeowners and businesses, we do our best to provide excellent customer service along with the most competitive prices.

Contact Tal Metal today to schedule a scrap metal pick up in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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