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5 Home Appliances Ideal for Scrap Aluminum Recycling

Posted on 18 June 2021

If you’re about to dispose of large home appliances, don’t just throw them away. For one thing, the metal materials could be valuable to a scrap yard. For another, dumping huge machines like home appliances just fills up our landfill sites unnecessarily.

Many scrap yards in Toronto will accept end-of-life home appliances, and especially those that contain aluminum. That’s because aluminum recycling is one of the most cost-effective options compared to recycling many of the other scrap metals.

If you’re serious about scrapping home appliances, choose the larger machines like fridges, stoves, washers, dishwashers, and air conditioners. These types of home appliances will provide more valuable scrap metal once the scrap yard starts to process.

Appliance Contain Scrap Metal

Home appliances typically contain metals like aluminum and steel. Most of the time, aluminum is more valuable per pound than other metals. Because fridges and washers contain plumbing parts, these are also valuable, especially when made of copper.

Another benefit of scrapping appliances is the copper wire that’s found in electric motors. These are quite heavy in weight, so the total amount of scrap is very valuable. Here again, it’s copper that will fetch a much better price than the other ferrous metals.


Because of the many internal components, fridges and freezers won’t earn as much money as pure scrap metal recycling. However, these appliances can earn good money due to the weight. The problem with the components is that they have to be specially handled and processed.


Like many old appliances, there may be a way to go with the “re-use” option rather than the dumping option. As for scrapping, these types of appliances are valued by the pound. So here again, the weight of the machine should generate a decent payback from a local scrapyard.


Ideally, washers and dryers earn more money when they are dismantled, but this is not always possible for the average homeowner. Either way, the aluminum and copper components still make for valuable scrap. Without dismantling, washers and dryers are valued by the pound.


In most cases, the motor would be the most valuable part of a dishwasher. It’s better to remove the motor, but if not, a local scrap yard will still pay cash. The fact is, electric motors contain high quantities of copper that always fetch a reasonable price. As well, there is plenty of sheet aluminum.

Air Conditioners

Most old air conditioning units contain quite a bit of non-ferrous metals. Copper, for example, is in demand by scrap yards most of the year. With air conditioners, exterior and interior metal parts are both valuable. Bottom line, it's an appliance that can generate quick cash from a scrapyard.

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