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What You Should Know About Scrapping Electronic Waste

Posted on 09 July 2021

Old electronic devices contain precious metals that can be profitable for recyclers. In fact, it's incredible how many electronic devices surround us on a daily basis – and most of them contain components that include metals like gold, silver, and copper.

Cell phones, laptops, computers, and other electronics are all welcome at most scrap yards in Toronto, and with the convenience of scrap metal pick up, much of the waste is being diverted from landfills and effectively recycled. More than that, it's a source of easy cash.

The simple fact is that electronics recycling is vital in diverting waste from landfill sites. Even more critical, electronics recycling is essential in eliminating toxic scrap. And today, toxic waste from electronics is a significant burden placed on the environment.

Which electronics have scrapable metal?

Desktop computers and television sets typically have the most gold content of any electronic components. Older cameras and radios also contain gold as part of their circuit board makeup. Electronics like phones, tablets, and game consoles have very little gold. In general, circuit boards and hard drives contain silver, copper, platinum, and palladium – all worthwhile scrap.

The Improper Disposal of Electronic Waste

Improper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) has a significant negative impact on our environment. To begin with, the vast amounts of waste are unnecessarily filling up landfill sites. More than that, toxic chemicals are slowly released into the air. At the same time, those same chemicals seep right into the groundwater. In the end, the environment, animals and birds are all affected.

Non-Ferrous Metals Found in Electronics

Copper, aluminum, nickel and other non-ferrous metals are being used more and more in electronics. Each of these metals has a specific purpose and use and is contained in varying quantities. Naturally, scrap yards offer the best price when these metals are appropriately separated and cleaned. However, safety should always be the priority when separating any metal found in electronic waste.

Separating the Metal in Electronic Waste 

While electronic waste can undoubtedly be a source of quick cash for scrap collectors, separating all the valuable metals can be challenging. After all, it's a very time-consuming process and can also be potentially dangerous. Scrap yards are typically set up with the right technology to separate and process electronic waste. And with scrap metal pick up, it's easy for the average collector.

Tal Metal Accepts a Range of Electronic Scrap Metal

Tal Metal is one of the leading specialized scrap yards in Toronto. We offer metal recycling services to homeowners and businesses across the GTA. Focused on “non-ferrous” scrap metal such as copper, brass, and aluminum, we offer our customers the most competitive prices.

Although we regularly deal with all types of scrap metal, copper is often in high demand and will typically generate a good return. To facilitate metal scrapping, we can provide a recycling bin during a building or renovation project, if one is required. We also offer a very convenient scrap metal pick-up service.

Call us directly to inquire about current scrap metal prices or other questions related to recycling.

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