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Why Aluminum Recycling Is Worth It

Posted on 20 July 2021

Industry statistics show that aluminum recycling has more than doubled in volume during the most recent half-century. In fact, global recycling of aluminum is at a very high level these days. Clearly, businesses have found the economics worthwhile, and industries worldwide are participating in the economic advantages.

Just for an example, when it comes to those aluminum beverage cans that we regularly consume, more than 50% of those waste cans are collected, recycled and remanufactured into new cans. For scrap yards in Toronto, aluminum waste is always a highly sought-after waste metal and can fetch a good price for even the casual collector.

Here are a few good reasons why it’s worth it to actively participate in aluminum recycling.

The Process of Recycling Aluminum

Aluminum metal does not degrade in composition throughout the recycling process. Unlike other metals, the physical structure of aluminum is not altered when it's melted. More importantly, when aluminum is being recycled, it needs minimal energy compared to manufacturing new aluminum.

Aluminum metal is unique because it can be recycled many times without losing any of its material properties. At the same time, processing technology has advanced dramatically over the years, making for a recycling process that is economically sound from beginning to end.

More Sustainable Than Landfills

Recycling waste aluminum means that tons and tons of waste are going to scrap yards in Toronto that reuse the product, instead of landfill sites. More than that, remanufacturing aluminum products from waste material reduces the need for raw material dramatically. In other words, there’s less need for mining and processing of virgin ore.

The best news is that recycled aluminum products are being used universally – for computers and cookware, aircraft and automobiles, and of course, all types of beverage cans and food containers. As an example, aluminum cans are the most recycled products in the entire world.

Recycling Aluminum is Cost-Effective

Recycling aluminum is one of the most cost-effective industrial processes. It’s a win-win situation for the entire process chain – from industries to consumers to the environment. Notably, the recycling process uses 95% less energy than producing new aluminum from mined resources.

Greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced significantly during the recycling process. In fact, recycling one tonne of aluminum saves many tonnes of CO2 emissions. Even more, aluminum cans that are collected and recycled could be back on the store shelf in as little as 90 days.

Cashing in on Aluminum Recycling

For those collecting aluminum waste, it’s possible to earn some extra cash while cleaning up the environment. Aluminum is always in demand and carries one of the better trading prices of all scrap metals.  And with scrap metal pick up from Tal Metal, it’s very easy and convenient and cost-effective.

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, Tal Metal provides FREE scrap metal pick up for residential and commercial customers. It’s the best way to start the recycling process and earn cash. 

At Tal Metal, we primarily collect and recycle non-ferrous metals – including aluminum, copper, and brass. Our full-service approach incorporates collection, separation, and processing.

As one of the most reputable scrap yards in Toronto, Tal Metal is ready to provide scrap metal pickup for homes and businesses and redirect that scrap from landfill sites to recycling.

Contact us today to schedule your scrap pick up in Toronto!

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