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How to Identify Non-Ferrous Metals

Posted on 09 August 2021

Some scrap yards in Toronto will specify that they accept non-ferrous metals. For newcomers to scrap collecting and recycling, there can be some confusion between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The difference is simple – ferrous metals contain iron while non-ferrous do not. For those collecting

scrap metal to correctly identify the different metals, mainly because of the price differences. Although Many scrap yards in Toronto take both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, price fluctuations typically dictate the demand for specific metals. Typically non-ferrous scrap metals offer collectors a higher return as they’re more valuable to scrap yards in Toronto. Tal Metal provides competitive prices for a range of non-ferrous metals.

Not only are non-ferrous metals found in abundance in household, construction, and industrial waste, but scrap metal pick up makes the collection process easier for residential and commercial customers. 

Popular Types of Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, and bronze – all of which are ideal for collection, recycling, and processing. Waste aluminum and copper are commonly found during a home renovation or amongst construction debris at a project site. These scrap metals are quite plentiful amongst roofing materials, electrical wiring, and plumbing pipes.

Identifying Non-Ferrous Type Metals

In general, non-ferrous metals are easily identifiable by the colour – aluminum is a silvery colour, brass is yellowy gold, and copper is a pale reddish colour. When working with a reputable scrap metal dealer, the staff can usually confirm certain metals and categorize them accordingly. 

Identifying Ferrous Metals 

Since iron and iron alloys are typically magnetic, you can identify ferrous scrap prior to scheduling scrap metal pick up from Tal Metal by testing to see if it is attracted to a magnet. Steel, cast iron, and wrought iron are some of the most common variations of ferrous metal. You will typically find ferrous metals in industrial applications, piping, and tools.

The Benefits of Scrapping Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are easily corrosive, making them difficult to salvage. While ferrous metals should still be recycled, the real benefit for scrap collectors and scrap yards in Toronto is in ferrous metals. Unlike ferrous scrap, non-ferrous metals like aluminum and zinc simply don’t corrode easily and are ideal in applications where ferrous metals rust away. When you collect and scrap non-ferrous metals, you can earn more than you would for iron alloys. Recycling non-ferrous metals also minimizes the environmental impact of mining, facilitating sustainability across the manufacturing sector. 

Scrap Metal Pick Up from Tal Metal

Tal Metal offers prompt, convenient pickup for various types of non-ferrous scrap metal. We specialize in non-ferrous scrap and provide service for many residential and commercial customers. Our pickup services are a practical option for collecting and preparing scrap.

Tal Metal Inc. Services the Greater Toronto Area

Specializing in non-ferrous scrap metal, Tal Metal Inc. collects residential, commercial, and industrial scrap of all types – from electric wiring and cables – to building construction materials – to packaging materials – to windows and doors – and much more.

Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of buying, segregating and distributing non-ferrous metal. After being in operation for two decades, we currently operate from coast to coast in Canada and in various international markets.

For high-volume metal recycling, Tal Metal can oversee the entire process from start to finish. We manage the complete recycling process – we collect excess metal deposits and provide the required logistics. Find out more by contacting one of our in-house experts to discuss your specific recycling needs.

Contact us today to schedule your free scrap medal pick up in Toronto.

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